Star Conflict OBT v0.8.5

Star Conflict OBT v. 0.8.5
General changes
Added extended ship customization.

* Colour patterns are available in the Equipment tab.

* The ship is divided into three zones.

* The player can choose a colour for each zone.

* For now, colouring is available for ships of ranks 1 to 6.

Introduced the option to preview ships.

* The player can see any ship model in the ship tree.

* You can preview the ship by right-clicking its picture in the ship tree

Now, stickers and colours are purchased for a limited time.

* Players who previously bought undated labels keep them on the same terms.

Changed the waiting time after the death of the ship

* Penalty time accumulation after death of the ship is reduced from 7 to 5 seconds.

* Accumulated penalty time reset now occurs after 100 seconds of surviving in the battle (previously 180 seconds).

Engineering frigates

* Combat Drones : owner ship repair reduced by 50%.

* Combat Drones : ally repair radius reduced by 60%.

* Combat Drones : drone launch time increased to 30 sec.

* Combat Drones : ally repair effectiveness reduced by 15%.

* Nanodrone Cloud : repair reduced on average by 20%.

* Autonomous Repair Station : hull repair reduced by 30%.

* Autonomous Charging Station : shield recharge reduced by 30%.


* Stickers tab renamed to Customization.

Changed the mechanics of squad participation in Sector Conquest:

* Squads now get into Sector Conquest, regardless of its members’ allegiance.

* Points from the whole squad go to the leader’s side of conflict.

* Side conflict that receives points is determined by the same principles as for solo players.

Added effects for Diffusion Shield.
Added effects for pirate ships.
Fixed thruster effects for some ships.
Interface effects tuning.
Voice changes.
Adjust the sound effects of different guns.
Hangar sound tuning.
Bug fixes
Fixed a bug that prevented offering your own version of texts for the pop-up tool-tips.
Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash.
Fixed bugs in training contracts.
Fixed a bug that caused incorrect statistics gathering.
Fixed incorrect display of players carrying the EMP bomb in the Detonation.
Fixed a bug where the message about allied drone destruction was blue.
Fixed a bug where during the initial training the target released drones attacking the player.
Fixed a rare situation where the radar was trying to add an object already in hangar.
Fixed some minor bugs.

Desintegrator: Increased damge:

Rank 4 to 6: an avarage of 4.5%

Rank 7 to 9 on average by 8.3%
Rank 10 to 12: an average of 11.5%


Wapr Gate: Increased cooldown (MkI 4 min)


Mass Propulsion Inhibitor: Range reduced by 30%

Signature Masking: Range reduced by 50%

Pulsar: Increased damage on T3/4

Detonation : If both teams have equal destroyed stations, the team with the most kills wins.
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