Star Conflict OBT v0.8.4

Star Conflict OBT v0.8.4


General changes

Introduced a development assistance program. You can offer your own variants for a variety of texts in the game:

  • You can suggest your own variants for most texts in the game
  • To use the system, press [Ctrl] and [Alt], then hover your mouse over the text string of interest
  • If the string can be processed, it is highlighted. It is necessary to click on the line with the left mouse button and type your own version of the text
  • To take part in the program, enable this option in your game settings.

Added notifications on receiving a title

Revised the starting tutorial:

  • Introduced a special map ‘“Cerberus” training grounds’ where you can learn the basics of piloting ships and using their weapons.
  • You can pass the tutorial again at any time using the Help menu in the hangar.

A new type of trophies: Artefacts

  • Artefacts can be given to corporations for iridium processing
  • Artefacts can not be sold 

A new resource: Iridium

  • Iridium is extracted from artefacts
  • Iridium  can only be owned by corporations
  • In the future, iridium will be the main resource of the corporations when building a Dreadnought.

Increased name change cost

Steam: Added the option for late account linking.

  • Now, the players who only ever played through Steam can create a Gaijin.Online account and link it to their Steam profile.
  •  Account linking is available in the [ESC] menu.
  • The “Account linking” option is only visible to players with no account linked.
  • You need to launch the game through Steam to link your accounts.



PvP: Arcade and Realistic mode are combined into a single queue in Sector Conquest

“Practice” is now a new “Custom battle” mode

  • Allows you to create your own lobby
  • Allows you to select the region where the server is located
  • Allows you to choose between PvP and PvE
  • Allows you to create a lobby with standard or customized settings.
  • Lobbies with default settings allow you to receive the usual battle rewards.
  • Lobbies with custom settings do not reward the participants.
  • Custom settings allow you to:
    • Restrict access to a lobby with a password
    • Manually allocate pilots between the teams. By default, the automatic distribution mode is enabled (Autobalance)
    • Restrict allowed ranks
    • Restrict allowed ships
    • Toggle friendly fire
    • Toggle self fire
    • Add AI ships
    • Choose the difficulty level of AI ships


Combat HUD

Added ally health indicator

  • The display shows all the players of your squad or all participants of the PvE-mission
  • The indicator shows the status of the player: name, hull and shield strength

Refined the combat log

Added Death Recap window

  • Shows who destroyed your ship and how
  • Shows who helped destroy your ship
  • Old recap version has been switched off



Federation fighters : Speed increased by 10%

Federation frigates : Speed increased by 15%



Remote Hull Repair : the module has been removed.

Autonomous Repair Station : New module.

  • The station is installed in space and repairs nearby allies.
  • The station persists for 60 seconds.
  • The station can be destroyed.
  • The module is provided to all former owners of the module “Remote Hull Repair”.

Remote Shield Generator : the module has been removed.

Autonomous Charging Station : New module.

  • The station is installed in space and repairs nearby allies.
  • The station persists for 60 seconds.
  • The station can be destroyed.
  • The module is provided to all former owners of the module “Remote Shield Generator”.

Mobile Barrier : renamed to “Static Barrier”.

  • The radius of the barrier has been increased to 200 m.



Further development of visual effects

Added the effect of disabling the engineering drone after use



Tuned module sounds

Sounds for hangar gate animation

Tuned laser sounds

Tuned notification system sounds

Tuned hit sounds

Bug fixes


Bug fixes

Fixed highlighting of player names in chat

Fixed crash on re-entering the fight




New option : Free aim

  • Allows you to fire anywhere without turning the ship
  • Hold down the corresponding button to use the mode
  • This mode is not assigned to any button by default
  • You can find the option in the Key Binds menu, View section




Added new “Pirate” ships

  • New ships are only visible to players entering the game through the launcher
  • New ships are purchased through the online shop with the “Pirate pack”
  • When purchased, pirate ships are always available regardless of the way the player launches the game
  • Pirate ships have higher critical hit ratings but slightly lower survivability.


Pirate ship list:

Grim - 8 rank ECM Interceptor (Т3)

Sai - 9 rank recon Interceptor (Т3)

Joker - 5 rank Gunship Fighter (Т2)

Shark - 6 rank Command Fighter (Т2)

Phoenix - 8 rank Engineering Frigate (Т3)

Reaper - 8 rank Guard Frigate (Т3)


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