Star Conflict OBT v0.8.2 update #1

Star Conflict OBT v0.8.2 update #1


IR Trap

  • Reduced recovery time for Mk2 and higher modifications.


Ship roles


  • Mobile barrier: significantly increased the barrier’s lifetime
  • Mobile barrier: reduced recharge time
  • Mass Shield Generator: effectiveness reduced by 15%
  • Remote Shield Generator: reduced recovery time
  • Remote Shield Generator: now also charges your own ship, as well as the target with the lowest shield strength


  • Emergency Shield Boost: Effectiveness reduced by 15%
  • Liquid Metal Injector: Effectiveness reduced by 15%
  • Slightly reduced speed


  • Slightly increased shield and hull strength


Rapid-Fire Railgun

  • Damage increased by 25%

Tactical Warhead 

  • Preparation time reduced from 13 to 10 seconds

Anomaly Generator

  • Preparation time reduced from 2 to 1.25 seconds

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