Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.7

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.7


Tuned PvE mission difficulty: “Blackwood”, Processing Rig

Custom battle: you can now create PvE missions for three pilots

Updated Ice Reef battleground:

Changed ice asteroid geometry

Optimized performance

Tutorial: successfully completing the third tutorial stage is now rewarded with 100 GS.

Average premium ship profitability increased by 20%


Contract search window can now be collapsed by clicking anywhere outside the window.


Added a new context menu item “Remove all”

Weapon descriptions now display critical damage bonus


Black and red colours price increased by 100%.


Improved Attack Drone volley effect

Improved explosion effects


Added central element

Prediction marker colour changed to white


Revamped “Plasma Arc” sound

Improved Hangar sounds: ambience now has less bass

Improved voiceover

Added new music track

Tuned sound volume

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with disappearing target information in tutorials

Improved performance on integrated Intel GPUs without MSAA support

Fixed a rare crash in tutorial battle

Fixed a bug where you could start the tutorial on a ship already in battle

Fixed a bug with the contract “Strong Foundations”

Fixed a bug where you could spend GS to change a corporation tag twice

“Valkyrie” System tooltip now displays energy cost

Pressing F11 now also displays your server region

Added new options:

“Aim assistance”: toggles automatic aim assistance when looking at target prediction markers

“Ping-aware prediction”: toggles awareness of your network latency while calculating prediction marker position

Default options positions are the same as in version 0.9.5

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