Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.4

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.4

General changes
Reworked starting module kits for ships

Increased ship speeds
Reduced the difference between the base and the afterburner speed ships

Pulse Laser : Damage increased by 5%
Heavy Blaster : Damage increased by 6%
Singularity Generator : Damage reduced by 6%
Penalty for full overheating increased to 2 seconds

Improved passive module system:

Now, each ship can have up to 3 slots for modifiers of each ship system

Ships of different sides of conflict have different modification options

Passive modules are now system modifiers

The distribution of the former passive modules among ship systems:

Hull modifiers

Reinforced Beams

Thermal Insulator

Improved pylons

Armour-plated Hull

Lightweight Hull

Galvanized Armour

Passive Armour

Shield Modifiers

Auxiliary Shield Projector

Thermal Modulator

Energy Recuperation System

Asynchronous Shield Projector

Shield Projection Splitter

Adaptive Shield

Compact Shield Generator

Submatter Shield

Capacitor Modifier

Iridium Heatsink

Emergency Barrier

Acceleration Coils

Leak Stabilizer

Voltage Regulator

CPU Modifiers

Electronic Guidance

“Horizon” System

“Proton Wall” System

Enhanced Scanner

Overclocked Processor

Target Tracking Coprocessor

Infrared Scanner

Engine Modifiers

Collision Compensator

Auxiliary Generator


Changed availability rank for some modules

EM-insulation is now available at rank 1

Pulse Discharger is now available at rank 4

Overclocked Processor is now available at rank 4

Galvanized Armor is now available at rank 9

Multiphase Generator is now available at rank 12

Capacitor Power Relay is now available at rank 12

Submatter Shield is now available at rank 12

Lightweight Hull is now available at rank 12

Target Tracking Coprocessor is now available at rank 12

Changed the mechanics of some modules

Galvanized Armor now also reduces ship rotation speed

Shield Projection Splitter now also reduces ship acceleration

Adaptive Shield now affects hull and shields, but only when moving at a speed exceeding the base value by at least 50 %

Target Tracking Coprocessor now increases critical damage bonus

Auxiliary Generator now increases ship speed but also increases energy consumption

PvE Missions

“Blackwood” Shipyard

Added hull and shield repairs

Reduced difficulty for ranks 1-3

Now the player can only loot one purple spot per day
The odds of an experimental module in a purple spot have been doubled. 

Changed a contract that required the installation of passive modules. Now you need to install an active module or any ship modifiers.


Added a sticker for the “Sensei” achievement.


Improved help screens


Fine-tuned UI effects


Improved sounds in training missions

Improved English-language voices

Improved missile explosions

Bug fixes

Fixed minor bugs in ship textures

Fixed contract bugs

Improved Positron Cannon tooltips

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