Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.3

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.3

Addew new achievements for the upcoming event “Knowledge Day”
Invite a friend

Referral reward now constitutes 10% from your friend’s Galactic Standard purchases.

Improved invite-code generation window.

Improved second tutorial stage

Queues are now divided into primary and intermediate.

Primary queues match ship tiers.

Intermediate queues are situated between tiers.

First rank of a tier does not join an intermediate queue with the next tier.

Final rank of a tier does not join an intermediate queue with the preceding tier.

There is no intermediate queue between Tier 4 and Tier 5.

Improved map rotation: added more battlegrounds to the higher tier rotation.

Improved active module system:

Only one module of each type can now be installed on the ship.

The situations with simultaneous cooldowns on several modules of the same type are now not possible.

Premium ammunition clips (for weapons and missiles) generate twice the amount of synergy

Both for killing enemies and damage assists

Improved characteristics for ammunition of the following types: Premium/Mk.III


Pressing Esc once now removes focus from the chosen ship slot.

Pressing Esc twice still closes the Equipment window.


Added a tutorial launch button. Two tutorial missions are now available: “Basic flight controls” and “Combat basics”

Custom battle

Lobby password is now replaced by the following symbols" " *"

Improved effects

Added chat window sounds
Improved launch and contract search sound
Improved Singularity Generator hit sound
Improved combat selection sounds
Improved mission explosion sounds
Improved ambient sounds in battle
Improved large missile launch sound
Improved unguided missile sounds

Bug fixes
Fixed a rare synergy upgrade bug
Fixed a bug with entering PvE missions in a squad
Fixed tutorial interface bug
Fixed medal tooltip bugs
UPD: fix a server bugs

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