Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.19

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.19


Added a new PvE scenario: Operation ‘Crimson Haze’.

In this mission, pilots have to capture a pirate outpost and defend it from the enemy. Features:

Part of the mission happens inside a station

At one point in the mission, pilots have to build shields and automatic turrets that will help them defend the station


Vacant module slots display

Now, if you have free module slots, they are still displayed in your HUD in battle

License extension

Pilots can now expect a discount when extending a license!

The discount is not permanent and is only active when your license expires


Purple upgrade kits now also have their numbers and the number of corresponding modules on ships and in the warehouse displayed


Added the option to display synergy gained in battle

The pilot can choose what to show: effectiveness or synergy gain

You can toggle the reward display in the appropriate options setting

Beacon hunt

The next beacon is now highlighted on the map 20, 10 and 5 seconds before activation


You can now move weapons and modules directly between ships


It’s no secret that some players get frustrated in general PvP queues due to extremely powerful enemies or very tactically weak teams. We decided to remedy such situations by adding more aggression and dynamics to battles by introducing AI ships. They never retreat, never leave for bio breaks and are always ready to support you.

These changes are not included in Sector Conquest

You can now encounter AI ships in PvP

AI ships won’t spawn in Sector COnquest

Bug fixes

Improved compatibility with Mac platforms

Balance improvements in several PvE missions

Battleground improvements

Fixed a bug with fleet strength display

Fixed a rare bug with Galactic Standards gain display

Fixed several battleground bugs

Improved Combat Drones description

Improved Equipment tab interface

Improved battleground limits on ‘Cargon’ Mining RIg

Improved leaderboards window

Improved missile effects

Sound improvements

Text fixes

The ‘Suggest translation’ function has been moved to the following key combination: [shift]+[Alt/Cmd]+[~]

Tuned difficulty settings in some PvE missions

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