Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.18

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.18 update #1


Maximum size is reduced to 8 pilots in a wing.

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.18


You can now form wings to join Sector Conquest!

Wings are temporary groups consisting of pilots from one corporation

Officer, vice-presidents and CEOs can form wings

Only members of the same corporation can be in a wing

A wing’s leader is the player who created it

Forming a wing

The leader has to start a squad first

The squad is then converted into a wing

Disbanding a wing

The leader has to leave the wing to disband it

You can’t hand over wing leadership

Wing battles

Wings can only fight in ‘Sector Conquest’ mode

Minimum size of wing is 6 pilots

Wings can consist of up to 12 pilots. Minimum size of wing is 6 pilots

A wing can only fight another wing

All wings join the main queue

Wing strength does not influence matchmaking

When you enter Sector Conquest, you can see the number of wings waiting for battle


Revamped corporations window

Only your own corporation is now displayed in this interface

The ‘Corporation’ button is in the bottom right corner of the screen

The button is greyed-out if the pilot is not in a corporation

Added leaderboards

All leaderboards are now displayed in a special window

The window has two tabs: ‘Pilots’ and ‘Corporations’

The ‘Pilots’ tab has a three-way switch:

‘Top’ - displays the top part of the list

‘My position’ - the leaderboard shows your position in the whole list

‘Friends’ — the leaderboard only displays your friends

The ‘Leaderboards’ button can be found at the top of the screen

_ Pilot ratings _

_ Fleet strength. You need at least one ‘Elite’ ship to participate in the leaderboard._

_ Effectiveness. The sum of effectiveness in PvE and PvP. Rating decreases by 1% every 24 hours._

_ Total battles. Only PvP battles count._

_ Victories. Only PvP battles count._

_ Ships destroyed. Only PvP battles count._

_ Corporation ratings _

_ PvP Rating. Counts victories and team strength balance. Rating decreases by 1% per hour._

_ PvE rating. Counts effectiveness in PvE battles. Rating decreases by 1% per hour._

_ ELO rating. Looks at wing battles in Sector Conquest._

_ Control. The number of locations in Sector Conquest._

_ Iridium. Total amount of iridium accumulated over the time of corporation’s existence_


You can now see which DLC pack a ship belongs to

Added a tooltip for prices, showing your current account balance for the chosen currency


Target designation

Target designation in chat is now enabled by default

Squads in combat

Pilots in squads are now marked accordingly in the pilot list

Squad number is displayed

Captain pick in Combat Recon

We have received a lot of complaints from pilots about the current captain pick mechanics. This is why we decided to change it according to your feedback.

While the new mechanics are in development, we’ve reinstated the previous version of captain pick.

At the moment of captain pick the part of the team with better ratings is displayed

The captain is chosen randomly from the selected pilots

Custom battle

We found out that some players have been using Custom battle to hold unfair battle with the purpose of getting higher ratings. We have reacted to this with a number of measures:

Pilots no longer receive the following rewards for PvP Custom battles:




Rating adjustments



PvE custom battles remain unchanged

Bug fixes

Improved module parameters display in Store

Improved display of the number of corporations in Sector conquest: only active corporations are shown

Improved game texts

Improved customization button appearance

Fixed a notification window bug

Fixed cruise missile pathfinding

Fixed a bug with allied turrets not attacking enemies in some PvE missions

Fixed a rare bug with ‘Guided torpedo’

Fixed minor bugs in Hangar

Fixed minor bugs in Ship Tree

Fixed minor bugs in HUD

Fixed minor battlegrounds bugs

Tweaked static warpgates

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