Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.17

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.17 update 1


Beam Cannon

Statistics show that this weapon is not effective enough, so we decided to make it more powerful.

Weapon damage increased by 15%


Ongoing tuning of new weapons.

Weapon damage increased by 15%

Plasma Gun

This weapon is not too handy for eliminating other interceptors. To fix this problem, we have increased the weapon’s projectile speed.

Projectile speed increased by 25%

Singularity Cannon

According to many pilots, this weapon is not very comfortable to use due to its fast overheating.

Heating speed reduced by 13%


Beginner-level ships don’t have many module slots and modules themselves. Frigates take a particularly heavy hit because of this, so we decided to give certain boosts to starting ships.


Hull strength increased by +12%

Shield strength increased +12%


Weapon damage increased by 10%



You may now recieve Mk. 2 modifiers in battle when you are flying ships of the last rank in tier.

Trophies cost significally increased.


Changed contract cooldown period for all factions

For rank 7 contracts — reduced by 1 hour

Rank 8 contracts now have no cooldown period at all


Tweaked battle rewards

Effectiveness reward for killing enemies now consists of the following:

fixed part: for the destruction itself

bonus part: for dealing damage

Increased battle synergy rewards

by 5% for rank 9 ships

by 20% for rank 10-12 ships

by 10% for rank 13 ships

by 5% for rank 14 ships



Added new tooltips notifying pilots of their account balance.

Tooltips appear when you mouse over any item’s cost

The tooltip shows how much of the required currency you have

Added tooltips for buttons [Top up] and [Exchange]

These buttons explain the purposes of credits and Galactic Standards

Added tooltips for DLC ships

When you mouse over the [DLC] button, you see the name of the pack that has the chosen ship

Sector Conquest

Only ships of ranks 11 and higher are now allowed into Sector Conquest


Improved static warpgate sound

Bug fixes

Improved item display in warehouse and store

Text improvements

Fixed minor Equipment tab bugs

Fixed minor mini-map bugs

Fixed bugs in guided torpedo interface

Fixed bugs in ship tree display

Fixed bugs in sticker display

Fixed bugs in displaying FPS, ping and other debug parameters

Fixed notification bugs

Fixed text bugs

Fixed several battleground bugs

Minor HUD tweaks

Clarified ‘All-rounder’ assignment descriptions

[Update discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22503-star-conflict-obt-v0917-update-1-discussion/)

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.17


Effectiveness and synergy

We think that pilots supporting their allies should not receive lesser rewards for attacking enemies. A flat increase of rewards for dealing damage is wrong since you also get additional rewards for destroying enemy ships (for contracts, rating change, etc.)

Now :

If a pilot assisted the destruction of an enemy ship both by dealing damage and with the help of various modules, he will receive a reward for the kind of help that gives more effectiveness

If a pilot destroyed an enemy ship, he only receives the reward for destroying that particular ship


Added a new map ‘Iridium Strand’

This battleground is based on a concept, [that won](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20261-competition-tournament-maps-reward/) a [competition among pilots](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19951-competition-for-the-best-concept-tournament-maps/)

Author: Kyril

Author’s battleground name: ‘Secret coal mines’


Improved minimap

Improved appearance

Extended battleground coverage

Your ship’s marker is always present on the tactical map

Upgrading weapons and modules

You can now improve and module a weapon of any level with Gold Standards

You can now buy any module with Gold Standards

Added new HUD elements

FPS display

Enabled in options

Disabled by default

Added network latency display

Enabled in options

Disabled by default

Added Voice Chat

All pilots on the same team can now use voice to communicate in battle

Voice chat is not available in Hangar

VC settings can be found in the ‘Chat’ section of the options menu

Voice Chat is disabled by default

‘Pilots comms volume’ renamed into ‘NPC voice volume’

Game modes

‘Battle (PvP)’ renamed into ‘Skirmish (PvP’

Daily rewards

You can now click anywhere on the screen to close the window

Bug fixes

Improved stationary warp gate models on some battlegrounds

Improved ship display on tactical map

Improved effectiveness display in HUD

Improved a number of tooltips

Improved weapon sounds

Improved several battlegrounds

Fixed a bug with possible ‘ships destroyed’ counter overflow

Fixed a bug with effectiveness gain notifications in battle

Fixed a bug that let you accidentally install a ship into a combat slot

Fixed a bug with music not playing in the game

Fixed a bug with static warp gates not working on some battlegrounds

Fixed a bug with pressing buttons under tooltips or menu windows

Fixed a bug with new weapon not working in several contracts

Fixed the ‘Devil’ sticker texture

Fixed a possible overlap of white and purple loot points in PvE missions

Fixed minor errors in achievement descriptions

Fixed bugs in Vice-president position logic

Fixed effectiveness rewards for some roles in PvE

Fixed mistakes in texts

[Update discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22449-star-conflict-obt-v0917-discussion/)