Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.16

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.16

Hull and shield balancing

According to statistics and pilot feedback, Empire ships have better kill/death ratios. This is due to the fact that when it comes to damage compensation, shields are inferior to hull (and Imperial ships have stronger hulls). Besides, all shields had different physical sizes depending on the ship’s size. This was even more obvious for Jericho ships that were easier targets dues to their large shield sizes and low hull strength. All this led to pilots getting irritated and game balance being skewed. To even things out, we have come to the following decision.

THe first stage of our solution is to standartise all shield sizes and make them independent from individual ship geometry. Shields now come in the following sizes

Interceptor: 21 meter

Fighter: 30 meters

Frigate: 60 meters


Added new weapons

‘Eclipse’ Launcher

Deals EM damage. Projectile impact releases nanodrones that attack enemies. Drones restore hull to all allies in a certain radius

Installed on Engineering Frigates

Available from rank 7

Kinetic Supercharger

A projectile is formed with instantly pressurized gas. Upon collision with the target it explodes creating a shrapnel cloud that deals kinetic damage for a short time

Installed on ECM Interceptors

Available from rank 7


Deals thermal damage. Gradually slows the enemy down.

Installed on Tackler Fighters

Available from rank 7

Gauss Cannon

Many players were discontent with the way this weapon could destroy some ships with a single shot. We’ve decided to lower this weapon’s burst damage without changing its characteristics. The player attacked with this weapon now has a chance to evade the projectile.

Charge accumulation reduced from 3 to 2


Spy Drones Container

Module effect removed, when ships crash into objects.

Sector Conquest

When we introduced Sector Conquest, it was assumed that transition of locations to new owners would occur every 12 hours. But, at the moment, the transition takes place every 4 hours. We believe that this is too often. When the pilots return to the game the next day they see that the situation in the sector has changed radically: what they captured in tight battles is lost to pilots from other, not so successful corporations. Therefore, we tweaked phase rotation in Sector Conquest:

Main cycle consists of 3 minor cycles and lasts for 12 hours

Flag placement, location ownership transfer and reward distribution are all processed at the end of the cycle (once every 12 hours)

Minor cycles last for 4 hours and consist of:

Active fighting stage: 1 hour

Preparation stage: 3 hours

Changes in fighting timetable led to tweaks in game economics.

To preserve income from locations at the same level, we increased rewards for controlling locations

Since location choice now happens less often, we have raised the minimum location stake

Since location control time was increased, we’ve reduced the number of cycles of location ownership

Maximum possible location control time now stands at 20 cycles (i.e. 10 days)


Improved effectiveness visualization

Notification on effectiveness gain appears in the spot where the event happened

If the spot is out of sight, the notification appears on the edge of the screen

The notification moves to the usual place after a short time

Trophy search

You can now put trophies into storage both for GS and for credits

If you don’t have enough GS or credits, the button becomes inactive


The radar can now serve as mini-map

Mode switch is bound to [M] by default

‘Blackwood’ Shipyard

Thermal damage resistance in 3rd round disabled


Purchasing ships

If you don’t have enough storage space to buy a new ship, you can now see the total cost of buying a new ship and a warehouse extension

Combat slot operations

When you move a ship to a different combat slot, the ships exchange places


Mail attachments are now automatically collected when you receive a message

You cannot read the message itself now - it is being collected automatically

If there’s no room in your warehouse, the message remains unread


Improved various sound effects

Improved voiceover

Bug fixes

Fixed an incorrect item place notification in Hangar

Improved implant logic

Improved combat tutorials

Improved corporation rankings

Improved notification system

Improved ‘Help’ section for MAC

Improved module upgrade window

Fixed Tackler role description

Tweaked lighting on some battlegrounds

Tweaked assignment display in Hangar

Tweaked trophy search spots position on several battlegrounds

Improved tactical map settings

Tweaked Sector Conquest settings

Tweaked Sector Conquest results notifications

Improved a number of graphical effects

Fixed a bug in voting window

Fixed a bug in another pilot’s profile display

Fixed a bug with using upgrade kits to improve a module

Fixed a bug with a wrong key combination for the ‘Suggest translation’ button

Fixed minor HUD bugs

Fixed minor bugs with a number of ships

Fixed bugs in several assignments

Fixed minor errors in various texts

Fixed a number of battleground bugs

The ‘Team coordination chat messages’ option has been moved to chat options section

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