Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.15

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.15

When tweaking game balance, we follow player feedback as well as statistics of actual combat usage of both modules and weapons.

In this update we present a number of balance changes together with new features and bug fixes.


Beam Cannon

Feedback has shown that this weapon is very hard to use at medium and maximum range due to the extremely low period of time when the target is being hit by laser beams. This is the reason the damage is fairly low at these distances.

Beam Cannon is meant to be used at medium range, which encouraged us to increase its damage and reduce firing range.

Maximum range reduced by 26%, from 4000 to 2950 m

Optimum range reduced by 26%, from 3000 to 2200 m

Weapon damage increased by 15%

Heavy Blaster

Heavy Blaster is a weapon with a unique and fun mechanic. Despite numerous complaints about ‘irritating’ barrel slowdown, statistics show that the weapon is very popular yet not effective enough.

Since this weapon is hard to use, we tried to amend this by increasing its damage output.

Volley damage increased by 5%

RF Blaster

Effectiveness stats for this weapon show that its effectiveness is not high enough. Pilot feedback analysis concluded that its major drawback is very high spread. We reduced this blaster’s spread and tuned other weapon characteristics.

Spread reduced by 35%, from 2 to 1,3 degrees

Heating time increased by 50%, from 6 to 9 sec.

Cooldown time increased by 50%, from 1 to 1,5 sec.

Gauss Cannon

Analysis shows that this weapon is not too popular among our pilots.

Changes have been made to make it better for fighting at long distances. Since we made the modules ‘Target Tracking Coprocessor’, ‘Infrared Scanner’ and ammunition type ‘Shaped Charge Shells’ somewhat weaker as part of other balancing changes (see below), you are now less likely to deal critical damage while using them. The following changes compensate for that.

Maximum range increased by 10%, from 3850 to 4250 m

Optimum range increased by 10%, from 2900 to 3200 m

Projectile speed increased by 15%, from 4750 to 5462 m/s

Firing rate reduced by 25%, from 60 to 45 shots/s

Damage increased by 47%

Heating time increased by 14%, from 7 to 8 sec.

Ion Emitter

This weapon is meant for close combat. Stats show that too many pilots find ways of using at at long distances. Emitter’s range has been reduced.

Maximum range reduced by 11%, с 2400 до 2150 m

Optimum range reduced by 11%, с 1800 до 1600 m

Assault Railgun

This is the most popular weapon. That’s why we’ve increased its ‘handling’: it’s more accurate but has a shorter range since it’s meant to be used at medium distances.

Spread reduced by 40%, from a range of 0.33-3.3 to 0.2-2.0 degrees

Maximum range reduced by 8%, from 3000 to 2750 m

Optimum range reduced by 8%, from 2250 to 2050 m

Positron Cannon

This weapon was too powerful since its balancing was still incomplete as of 0.9.14. The current update brings some final tweaks to this Cannon.

Initial spread increased, from 0.3-1.5 to 0.35-1.75 degrees

All weapons

Many players complained about ‘invincible’ interceptors without any sort of counter-measures to use against them. Besides, several types of weapons were less than optimal for dealing with fighters at certain ranges. We decided to slightly increase projectile speed for all weapons, but still allow fighters and interceptors to dodge them in flight.

Projectile speed increased by 10%


Our analysis shows that critical hit chance and damage are too high. Therefore, many pilots equip their ships with ammunition modules that drive these values even hgher. This introduces a serious imbalance in the gameplay and makes the game lopsided.

In this regard, we have weakened the modules and ammunition affecting critical damage.

Target Tracking Coprocessor

Critical damage bonus reduced by 30%

Infrared Scanner

Critical hit chance bonus reduced by 20%


Shaped Charge Shells

Critical hit chance reduced by 43%

Flat Reflector

Range bonus decreased by 20%



_ Introduced the ‘CEO Assistant’ role _

Only the CEO can appoint and remove pilots from this position

CEO Assistant can:

Position flags on Sector Conquest map

Rename the corporation and change its tag

Appoint and remove pilots from the Officer position

Accept and fire pilots with lower corporate position

_ Corporate logo _

Logos can now also be bought with Gold Standards

Game window size

The ‘Maximize button’ is now active in windowed mode

Minimum possible window size is 1024*720 pixels

Added endorsement system

You can vote for one of the pilots from your team after each battle

Each pilot only has one vote

Total number of votes can be seen in the pilot’s profile

Translation assistance

This mode is now activated by pressing [Alt]/[CMD]+[shift]+[P]

The mode is available on PC and MAC

Sector Conquest

Influence points calculations are based on the number of captured beacons

Each captured enemy beacon costs 1 point

Each held allied beacon also costs 1 point

Points are awarded to each pilot on the team

PvP Battle

Improved shield restoration and hull repair mechanics

New mechanics are meant to remove the unfair advantage from fighters and interceptors when they are being repaired by allies.

The amount restored now depends on the size of the object being repaired

Interceptors receive 50% of the base value

Fighters receive 75% of the base value

Frigates receive 100% of the base value

These changes concern the following modules:

‘Autonomous Repair Station’

‘Autonomous Charging Station’

‘Mass Shield Generator’

‘Nanodrone Cloud’

Changed the way rewards for destroying ships are calculated

New rules are based on pilot feedback.

You can learn more about them in our latest [blog](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22284-developer-blog-entry-from-january-22th-synergy-sector-conquest-and-hud/).

Synergy and effectiveness rewards for destroyed ships are now proportional to the damage dealt

All damage, from the time the enemy spawns to the moment he dies, is accounted for

When the ship spawns anew, the damage counter is reset

If the pilot that dealt damaged dies before its target does, he still gets the rewards

Effectiveness for assisting with modules is still calculated by the same rules

The rules deciding which pilot destroyed the enemy remain the same

Changed effectiveness and synergy reward values:

Effectiveness and synergy for destroying ships increased to 150 points

Effectiveness and synergy for assisting with damage increased to 100 points

Effectiveness for assisting by buffing an ally reduced to 20 points

Attention! Base synergy value for buffing an ally already was 20 points, we only synced the values!

Keep in mind that the final value depends on the pilot’s personal bonuses

Battle start

Added hints about the aim of each game mode



You can now use a special button in Pilot Profile to change your name

You can see the number of corporations supporting each side in Sector Conquest


Added notifications on installing already existing ammunition into the corresponding slots

Added notifications on removing ammunition from the ship

Added a notification on influence points gained during Sector Conquest

Added notifications on rewards after Sector Conquest battles

If you remove several modules from a ship, you only receive one notification


Added a button to change your name

Added a maximum achievement points counter


Added a ‘Developer Helper’ title

The titles also unlocks a unique sticker

The title is awarded to pilots actively assisting the development process, including:

Translation assistance

Searching for vulnerabilities and complex bugs

Streaming gameplay

Production of video guides, trailers and so on


Captain icon

Captain status icons in Combat Recon are now mirrored

Improved target indication

Target indication colour in chat now depends on the object’s allegiance

Allied objects use colour blue

Enemy objects use colour red/space]

Changed HUD settings window

The window now containts two tabs: ‘General’ and ‘Markers’, as well as a preview screen

General settings

Contains the basic HUD settings:

Target view window

Object direction

Ship direction

Group interface

HUD opacity

Enemy damage and effects

Targeting reticle type

Crosshairs type

Targeting reticle colour

Crosshairs colour

lead marker colour

Ship outlines

Dynamic frame size

Distance opacity

Hide targeting frames

Precise integrity indicator

Numerical beacon capture status

Marker settings

Contains ship marker settings for various situations:

Within sight

Within targeting reticle

Locked as target

Marker can display the following information:

Pilot name

Pilot status. For example, ‘Captain’

Ship name

Distance to object

Ship role

Ship technical level

Hull and shield integrity

Firing range frames


Added a sound for synergy transfer

Added sounds for buttons in Help section

Improved hangar sounds

Bug fixes

Improved attachments display in mail

Improved rank 15 implant icons

Improved matchmaker settings

Improved hint windows

Improved confirmation windows for operations with Gold Standards

Improved loot search points positioning

Improved Sector Conquest reward calculation (credits)

Improved graphical effects

Text improvements for all languages

Fixed a minor bug in PvE mission ‘Blackwood’

Fixed a bug with moving ships between combat slots with the mouse

Fixed a bug with module cooldown display

Fixed a bug with friend invitation logic

Fixed an error in the description of Beta-catalyst ‘Gigas II’

Fixed a bug with mail attachments display

Fixed a bug with incorrect module functioning while ‘Adaptive Camo’ is active

Fixed a bug with ammunition at the start of a new round in PvE missions

Fixed a bug with rewards in Sector Conquest

Fixed a bug with cut off role descriptions in some screen resolutions

Fixed a bug that allowed top-rank ships to enter battles with lower-ranked ones

Fixed a bug with pilot penalty messages not showing up in chat

Fixed a bug that caused infinite battle search after the end of the active phase of Sector Conquest

Fixed a bug with PvE turrets launching missiles from the back panel

Fixed a bug with Attack Drones destroying themselves

Fixed incorrect synergy reward calculations for the following actions:

Killing/Assisting the kill of the captain in Combat Recon

Taking/Planting a bomb in Detonation

Assisting the destruction of the bomb carrier in Detonation

Fixed pathfinding logic for Cruise Missile

Fixed several backdrop textures

Optimized a number of battlegrounds

[Update discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22296-star-conflict-obt-v0915-discussion/)