Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.14

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.14


Holiday event conclusion

Disabled Holiday Hangar decorations

Disabled Holiday ship decorations

Holiday decoration elements have been removed, money spent on them - refunded

Installed customization items persist until the next re-painting

Removed Holiday weapons

Disabled Holiday tasks



Spawn invincibility

Spawn invincibility is now removed if the pilot uses modules or weapons

Combat Recon

Changed captain pick rules

The captain is picked 15 seconds before the end of the final countdown

Captain pick is conducted among the players already loaded intp the game at the time of the pick

The player with the highest effectiveness rating becomes the captain

There are no other conditions for picking the captain

If no player is loaded at the time of the pick, a bot may become the captain


You can now store keybinds in the cloud


Added lens flare effects

The effect can be enabled in options

If your hardware is not powerful enough, you can’t enable the effect



Changed weapons placement

Tuned the ship’s appearance



Positron Cannon

Spread now also decreases during charge accumulation

If the weapon is charged but a shot is not fired, spread stops decreasing

Cruise missile

Cruise missile can now avoid obstacles


Active modules

Energy Absorber

Any version of thios modules now works for 7 seconds

Static barrier

The barrier now stops all effects including: Pulsar, hull/shield regeneration

Apart from the listed effects, it also stops all effects requiring direct line of sight



neurocontroller ‘Armadillo’

Missile damage reduction now stands at 30% compared to the previous 40%

Critical damage reduction now stands at 20%, compared to the previous 40%

Alpha-inhibitor ‘Ox’

Critical damage increase now stands at 35%, compared to the previous 50%

PvE balancing:

Hidden maintenance shop

Increased 2nd stage difficulty for ranks 4-6

Secret shipyard raid

Reduced 3rd stage difficulty for ranks 4-6

Increased AI durability and damage, as well as turret durability for ranks 7-9

‘Blackwood’ shipyard

Significantly increased 3rd stage boss durability, strengthened the boss’s wingmen for ranks 1-3

Increased turret damage and durability for ranks 10-12



Added a ‘Forum’ button to the help section for quick game forums access

Module upgrade window now shows all possible purchase options

Added a warning that you still have space in your contract registry

Added a notification about a unique sticker becoming available to the pilot

Improved pilot’s financial account tooltip

Improved help section

Improved booster slot appearance

Improved matchmaking queue tooltip

Increased ‘Customization’ button size

Improved contract text colour

Improved notification system

if you simultaneously remove several modules from a ship, you only receive one notification


Added new flag patterns:







Changed sticker catalogue structure

Pirate and DLC categories have been united into a single DLC category

Categories Tournament, Individual and Contests are now merged in a single Individual category


Combat interface


Beacon state icons now also have numerical values next to them

If a beacon is protected by drones, their number is now displayed over the beacon state icon

Numerical values for beacon state can be disabled in game options

Numerical output is on by default

Added display of incoming damage, repairs and effects

Incoming damage is shown with moving digits

The digits move towards the top of the screen parallel to hull and shield integrity indicators

Digit colour matches damage or regeneration type

Regeneration/repairs are shown in green font

Applied effects also display the type and source of each effect

Damage display can be enabled in game options

Damage display is disabled by default

Added the captain’s stats display for Combat Recon mode

Stats are displayed at the top of the screen

Stats are displayed for both captains

Hull and shield integrity are displayed separately

Bug fixes

Fixed Hangar sounds

Fixed Sector Conquest reward calculation bugs

Fixed a bug in ‘Autonomous Charging Station’ description

Fixed a bug in Razer ship model

Fixed a bug in ship customization screen: there are now fewer sticker groups

Fixed a bug in weapon tooltip appearance

Fixed a bug with Combat Reboot

Fixed a bug with Covert Ops role bonus not affecting Plasma Arc

Fixed a bug with Missile Shield secondary activation

Fixed a bug with Neuroconnector ‘Rapidus III’

The implant no longer speeds up missile reloading

Fixed a bug with a booster occupying warehouse space

Fixed a bug with active repair button during matchmaking

Fixed a bug with energy draining while you’re unable to launch a repair station

Fixed a bug with incorrect Micro-locator and Autonomous Stations visibility

Fixed a bug with incorrect Singularity Generator projectile explosion effect position

Fixed a bug with missing highlights for stationary objects in PvE

Fixed a bug with missing notifications on Spy Drones and Micro-locators

Fixed a bug with ships exploding on approach to stationary warp gates

Fixed a bug with the 4th combat slot still being locked after the purchase of a rank 12 premium ship

Fixed a crash to desktop

Fixed a physics bug in ‘Blackwood’ Shipyard

Fixed a rare bug with broken ship transition from one combat slot to another

Fixed descriptions for Loki

Fixed descriptions for the ‘All-rounder’ contract

Fixed physics bugs in ‘Eastern Mining Station’

Fixed several graphical effects

Fixed several module icons

Fixed several ship model bugs

Fixed text bugs

Improved help text for Sector Conquest

Improved module icons

Improved winner selection conditions for Sector Conquest

Optimized dust effects that used to significantly affect game performance

Reduced star brightness on ‘Threshold’ 

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