Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.13 update 2

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.13 update 2

Sector conquest

Changed participation prerequisites

You need at least 3 ships in your combat slots to join a battle

Each ship has to meet the mode’s requirements

Pilot effectiveness now has more effect on the rewards

Fixed bugs with the mode’s instability

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.13 update 1

Sector Conquest

Added more checks to the game mode to help improve it

Battle rewards

Pilots now receive synergy rewards in battles for influence


KWP ‘Freeze Beam’

Reduced effect duration for targets leaving effect area from 3 to 1.5 seconds

Maximum slowdown reduced from 37.5% to 30%

Time to reach maximum slowdown increased from 5 to 7 seconds

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.13

New Year changes

Dev team wishes the brave mercenaries a Happy New Year!

You’ll see new decorations, fun assignments and special achievements!

New Year customization

Added a special New Year colouring pattern

Added a New Year sticker

Added a New Year corporation logo

New Year weapons

These are only available during the New Year’s event

_ KWP “Icebolt” _

Installed on interceptors

Fires icicles

The icicle explodes upon collision with the target

_ KWP “Freeze Beam” _

Installed on fighters

Beam weapon

Slows the target

_ KWP “Snowstorm” _

Installed on frigates

Projectiles explode upon collision with the target

The damaged ship receives damage for some time after the explosion

Snowstorm projectiles restore shield and hull to allies

_ Missiles “Fireworks 2014” _

Missiles have a festive explosion effect

Fired in a volley of 3 missiles

Intended for fighters

New ships

New premium ships have been added to the game


Jericho tackler

Rank: 6

Cost: 2100 GS

The ship has 3 active and 4 modifier slots


Empire command ship

Rank: 12

Cost: 8500 GS

The ship has 4 active and 9 modifier slots


Jericho long-range frigate

Rank: 13

Cost: 8900 GS

The ship has 4 active and 9 modifier slots

Sector Conquest


Sector conquest no longer uses up the “first battle of the day” bonus

Corporations with no logo are now shown with the default logo

You can now receive damage from “friendly fire” in “Sector conquest” mode

Improved Sector Conquest interface

Improved text

Added side of conflict bonuses

Added a tooltip for Sector Conquest phases

Improved jurisdiction change mechanic

You can’t change jurisdiction twice in a row

Minimum period between jurisdiction change is now 7 days

Improved reward mechanics

The fewer locations a corporation owns, the higher rewards its pilots receive

Changed sector conquest reward message mechanic

The messages are available for 24 hours since they’re sent

Unread messages are destroyed after 24 hours


Improved team composition rules

Added a new queue for level 4 and 5 ships

This queue is reserved for pilots waiting too long for a battle of their own level

Minimum team composition: 6 vs 6

Team distribution

Increased skill rating influence during pilot distribution


Tweaked difficulty in several PvE missions

Tweaked the time between enemy waves

Tweaked damage dealt by the enemies


General changes

Improved license purchase window

Improved Hangar appearance

Added assignment completion progress to pilot profile

Assignments from all side of conflicts are displayed


“Customization” has been changed

Customization button is now available in all interface tabs

Improved display of pilot finances

Added an extended tooltip with the pilot’s financial information

You can access the tooltip by hovering your mouse over your sum of Galactic Standards

Improved mail mechanics

If there’s not enough space for items when you receive a mail message, you automatically receive a prompt to extend your storage.

Notifications about ship level increase now have information about new available ships

Combat interface

Ship role is now displayed on squad members

Improved “Final blow” window

The window is available on the tactical map if the pilot lost a ship at least once

You can now view “final blow” history in the current battle

The icon now tells you whether it’s possible to make a shot

Added incoming damage display

Damage is displayed to the left of the central combat interface element

Digit colour matches damage colour

You can toggle damage display in game options, in HUD section


You no longer can sell more than 99 pcs. of the same item simultaneously

Reworked category items

When your boosters are depleted, you automatically receive a suggestion to refill them

WHen your extended license runs out, you are automatically prompted to buy a new one


Balanced a number of ships

Priest Bartle

Hull and shield strength increased by 10%

Ira Deus

Hull strength reduced by 16%

Crus A

Hull strength increased by 15%

Tormentor AE

Hull strength reduced by 14%

Inquisitor AE

Hull strength reduced by 13%

Hull and shield strength changes within 5% for a number of ships

Reduced synergy requirements for elite level for all ships of ranks 7-14


Tuned sounds for 5.1 and 7.1 systems

Improved various sound effects

Bug fixes

Fixed missing sounds for several interface elements

Fixed headers in battle debriefing

Fixed wrong pilot status display during “Beacon Hunt” rounds

Fixed wrong tactical map orientation in “Lava Spines”

Fixed wrong ship positions in docks

Fixed bugs on several maps

Fixed identical icons for “Gotcha!” and “Slayer of Immortals”

Fixed a bug with incorrect list scrolling

Fixed physics bugs on the Pirate Base PvE battleground

Fixed a bug with precise durability bar

Fixed bugs in contract conditions

Fixed a rare bug in phase changes in Sector Conquest

Fixed a bug with the “Leave ship” button still being available in battle debriefing

Fixed bugs with prediction marked display

Fixed a bug with several modules not being displayed on the ship

Fixed a bug with incorrect scroll behaviour in various windows

Fixed a bug with wrong modernisation level display

Fixed a rare bug that removed all of the player’s artifacts

All the lost artifacts will be returned

Fixed a weapon tooltip bug

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