Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.12

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.12


PvP: reduced possible ship rank difference in one battle

PvE: control station durability now depends on mision difficulty

Added tooltips for upgrade kits

Reworked extended license purchase window

Added rank information in ship tooltips

Combat interface

Added new ship durability display mode

You can now estimate each opponent’s hull and shield durability

Durability bar now consists of several cells

Each cell is equal to 1000 shield or hull durability pts.

If ship durability cannot be divided by 1000, the final cell is drawn shorter

The indicator can be tuned in the options menu

Damage source marker is now shown in damage colour


Improved launch window in Battle (PvP)

Reworked window graphics

Added information on ongoing PvP battles

Added information on the number of pilots in queue

Added information on pilot distribution in queue by ship rank


Added three-colour presets

One preset paints the ship in three colours

Colour presets are influenced by each side of conflict’s visual style

Using a preset is cheaper than painting the ship in three separate colours

Sector conquest

Fixed a bug with incorrect corporation rating display

Improved team pick rules

Added corporation influence points reserve to the sector map

Fixed a bug that caused the wrong faction’s loyalty vouchers to be awarded

Fixed a bug with incorrect corporation influence display in contested locations


Neurocontroller «FCS - M1»

Control effects time reduction now stands at 23%

Spread reduction now stands at 20%

Beta-catalyst «Rapidus»

Module reloading time reduction now stands at 17%

Alpha-inhibitor «Sting»

Missile max speed and turn speed increase now stands at 20%

Neuroaccelerator «Sting II»

Module energy consumption reduction now stands at 29%

Beta-catalyst «Gigas II»

Hull resistance increase now stands at 12 pts. per enemy ship

Beta-catalyst «Cheetah II»

Afterburner speed increase now stands at 7%

Neuroaccelerator «Oculus II»

Enemy resistance reduction now stands at 8 pts.

Beta-catalyst «CU-25b»

Immunity to hostile effects now persists for 5 sec.

Neuroaccelerator «Ant»

Rate of fire increase now stands at 8%

Neuroaccelerator «RR-50»

Missile reloading time reduction now stands at 13%

Neuroaccelerator «Gladius II»

Weapon damage increase at high speed now stands at 7%

Neuroconnector «Rapidus III»

Cooldown time reduction now stands at 15%

Neuroconnector «Ant II»

Damage increase now persists for 15 sec.

Damage increase now stands at 25%

Neuroconnector «WPN-F70»

Damage increase per enemy now stands at 3%

Maximum damage increase now stands at 30%

Neuroconnector «Albatross II»

Invisibility now persists for 7 sec.

Neuroconnector «SR-X»

Damage resistance increase now persists for 7 сек.

Neuroconnector «Gladius III»

Weapon damage increase now stands at 3%

Neuroconnector «Owl II»

Hull and shield durability increase now stands at 10%

Neuroconnector «RB-X»

Missile damage increase now stands at 5%


Particle purge

Strength reduced by 15%

Range reduced by 20%


Changed several ship bonuses

The listed changes only pertain to those ships that already have these bonuses


“Recon” module group effect bonus reduced to 30%


Energy regeneration bonus increased to 25%


Improved various sound effects

Bug fixes

Fixed a number of map bugs

Fixed a number of collision bugs

Fixed several Sector conquest bugs

Fixed a bug with the chat channel dropping out after battle

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