Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.11 update 1

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.11 Update 1

Sector Conquest

Pilots can participate in Sector Conquest with at least rank 7 ships

Fixed a bug that caused only one location to change its owner at the end of preparation stage

Improved list of maps available for Sector Conquest


Several stability improvements

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.11

Sector conquest

The “Sector Conquest” mode is now a separate mode for corporation battles

Independent pilots will keep on fighting in PvP Battles

Note: Sector conquest is launched in experimental mode.

Sector Conquest rewards are not final

Further changes are possible apart from extended functionality:

Rewards may change

Battle mechanics may change

Current battle results may change

Current time for fighting and preparation stages may change

Key features

Only for corporation members

A corporation has to help one of the sides of conflict fight for influence zones

Ships of ranks 5 to 15 may participate in Sector Conquest

_ Sector Conquest schedule _

There are two phases in Secotr Conquest: Fighting stage and Preparation stage

Battles are held during the Fighting stage

During the Preparation stage, sides are to choose a location the would like to try and capture

Cycle schedule

Daily starting point: 1:00 GMT

Fighting stage lasts for 1 hour.

Preparation stage lasts for 3 hours.

_ Fighting stage _

Corporations participate in a struggle to expand their side of conflict’s sphere of influence

The mechanics of determining contested locations remain the same

Each team fights for its side of conflict in battle

Queues in Sector Conquest are not divided by ship ranks (all ranks are matched together)

Corporation pilots earn influence points for participation

_ Preparation stage _

Corporations fight for location control

Corporation CEOs pinpoint locations they want to fight for in the next cycle

Only one location can be marked

Only free locations can be marked

Location is given to the corporation with the most influence points by the end of the cycle

Each location becomes free again after several cycles

The number of cycles depends on the location

Losing corporations have their bids returned to them

Corporation pilots receive rewards from their locations in the form of credits, artifacts and Galactic Standards

A corporation can switch to a different side of conflict by changing its jurisdiction

If a corporation changes its jurisdiction, all the accumulated influence points are lost

Starting conditions

At the start of Sector Conquest, all locations are distributed equally among the sides of conflict



Corporations are now required to support one of the sides of conflict

A corporation’s default jurisdiction matches its CEO’s jurisdiction

All corporations without jurisdiction are automatically assigned its CEO’s jurisdiction


IMPORTANT: The following squad rules are only valid in PvP battles!

3-4 pilots squads are balanced with equivalent squads in the enemy team

A restriction on the maximum number of squads in battle has been imposed

Two squads from the same corporation can’t be in the same PvP battle

Corporation squad’s allegiance is determined by its leader’s allegiance


“Blackwood” Shipyard, “Hidden Maintenance Shop”

All enemy ships have been stripped of their thermal resistances

“Asteroid workshop”

Reduced the number of enemy ships

Weakened enemy ships and turrets


Region selection

Improved automatic region selection pattern

Added a tooltip for region selection

Battle search window now displays the selected region

Battle results window

The window now only displays the ships that participated in battle

Combat interface

Added the option to select the position of direction markers

Default setting - in the middle (as it is now)

At the edge of the aim ellipsis

At the edge of the screen

Added a beacon capture indicator

Capture status is indicated with a number

The indicator can be disabled in the options menu


Modules of the “Restoration” and “Survival” groups have been united in a single “Multipurpose” group


Added ship repair sounds

Improved explosion sounds

Added battle start sounds

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with being able to place an autonomous station inside an object on the map

Fixed tooltip bugs

Fixed interface bugs

Refined a number of texts

Improved friend invite interface

Improved radar graphics

Improved automatic region selection patterns

Improved contract rewards display — reward bonuses are now also displayed

Optimized a number of maps

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