Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.10

Star Conflict OBT v.0.9.10


New PvE mission “Secret shipyard raid”

Mission objective: attack the shipyard containing a “Maelstrom” class dreadnought

Ships: ranks 4 to 9

Added new achievements for Elite ship status

Added new PvE bots


Improved ship profitability (in credits):

By 25% for ranks 4-6

By 30% for ranks 7-9

By 35% for ranks 10-15

Increased synergy gain rates:

By 20% for ranks 8-10

By 30% for ranks 11-12

By 40% for ranks 13-15


Black Swarm

Added 1 slot for a CPU modifier


Heavy Blaster

Damage increased by 15%

Positron Cannon

Damage increased by 5%

Initial and final spread is now 2 times weaker

Spread reduction speed when firing is now 2 times slower

Spread rollback speed is now 4 times slower



Unused missiles in a cartridge are now carried over to the next launch on the same ship

Attack Drone

Reloading time of drones in a cartridge reduced to 15 seconds

Maximum amount of operating Attack drones reduced to 2 pcs.

Proximity Mine

Reduced the number of mines in a cartridge to 3

Active modules

Parasitic Remodulator

Reloading time increased by 38%

Spy Drones Container

Active time reduced by 33%

Particle Purge

Damage dealt per spent shield charge unit reduced by 17%


Alpha-inhibitor “Sting”

Implant’s effect on missile parameters reduced by 37%

Bug fixes

Fixed medal text bugs

Fixed bugs in some Hangar windows

Fixed bugs in combat graphical effects

Fixed tooltip bugs

Fixed bugs in “Fleet strength” display

Improved combat interface

Improved side of conflict assignment texts

Improved text descriptions in game options

Improved achievement notiications

Improved general tooltips

Added an option to switch fields with [TAB] when writing a mail message

Improved difficulty settings for some PvE missions

Improved vital objects positioning in some PvP modes

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