Star Conflict OBT v 0.7.7

_ == Star Conflict OBT v 0.7.7 == _

General changes:
* Optimize the game engine:

  • Improved overall performance.
  • Graphic settings now have a much stronger influence on framerate and image quality.
  • Please note that when you first start the patched game, graphics settings will be reset to “default.”
    * Refined relationships between races and factions, as well as their impact reputation gain:
  • When you enter the game, you will be prompted to re-select the race.
  • Race determines your starting ship. Choosing a faction is no longer required.
  • Access to implants opens on rank 2 with any race.
  • Ability to select your faction opens on rank 2 with any race.
  • Special factional items (modified Mk3) and premium equivalents are not seen in the store, until you reach Rank 2.
  • You no longer have to have the same race ships in all combat slots. Bonus to reputation gain is always at a maximum.

Scenarios: Sabotage
* Scenario “Sabotage” is now available for the difficulty level T3-T4.

Game balance: Battles
* AI in ships T1-T2 no longer use the “Stasis Generator” module.

Ships: Frigates
* Hull and shield strength for all frigates is increased by 5%.
* Final ships in development trees have their speed characteristics increased by +5%.

Weapons and modules: General
* Now, if overheated, the guns can no longer shoot until fully cooled down.
* Overheating time reduced to 1 second.

Weapons and modules: Railgun
* Optimum range of railguns has been reduced by 10%.
* Heavy Railgun: Reduced damage reduced.

Weapons and modules: Lasers
* Optimum range of lasers (except for long-range) is reduced by 25%.
* Optimum range for long-range lasers reduced by 15%.

Weapons and modules: Plasma
* Optimum range of plasma cannons reduced by 10%.

Interface: General
* Added a unified help screens window with links to the FAQ on the game.
* The search box now displays the name of the selected queue.

Interface: HUD
* You can now lock combat drones as targets.

Sound and Music: General
* Fixed a bug with different volumes of interface sounds.
* Refined rocket launchers sounds in scenarios.
* Refined ice hit sounds.

Bug fixes
* Fixed the achievement for completing the scenarios.

o ~~~~~ :bomber:

interessting changes…let’s see how they will perform under mass testing …


did the devs do something about the matchmaking?

what about  ships`s model error ? :learn:

some ships cannot be hit destroy seems to be a model error problem  :sad:

which ships are you referring to?

some ships cannot be Kamikaze hit destroy seems to be a model error problem :dntknw:

YOU can find they in :smoke: 

right…but which ships are affected? → some ships are smaller than others → harder to hit…you shouldn’t kamikaze in the first place only in desperate situations




i certainly warped one or two jericho t3 frigs…and a federation t2 too…at tier1 i usually don’t warp :smiley:


right…but which ships are affected? → some ships are smaller than others → harder to hit…you shouldn’t kamikaze in the first place only in desperate situations




i certainly warped one or two jericho t3 frigs…and a federation t2 too…at tier1 i usually don’t warp :smiley:


i like to kill somebody by crash :lol: it makes me so excited



These changes and more were badly needed.


Ship offensive abilities, and laser spam are killing the game. The nerfs to optimal’s will help, but the abilities (empire,Jericho) Still need to be addressed.

In general i would still like to see most of them changed, and even the ones i like, don’t function correctly (such as cloaking device, needing a buff).


Further, many of the rail and laser weapons are not effective. Lasers have slow damage output tend to be hard to hit people with, you can line up the circles correctly and it does not damage them half the time, as for rails they are slow, slow at reloading, and feel over-all sluggish, which telll’s me the following


  • Lasers need a mechanic change to be easier to hit things when targeting circles are aligned

  • Lasers need more rate of fire


  • Rails need more RoF (up to 60)

  • Rails need more charge speed (To help catch faster ships more easily)



As for other change’s such as optimal


One of the major issues when it comes to frigates performing well is that heavy weapons specifically have to much range on them (and possibly damage) to the point that flying in close or mid range was a bad idea. With optimal nerf’s we will see frigates up closer, this will help encourage fast pace game play, as well as stopping the two side camping issues, Lastly, long range weapons were simply just being out performed by heavy weapons. I am currently investigating an idea that may help long range weapons become highly unique, and make it so that sniping would be an incredible experience in this game, however at the cost of going from 9k, to 6-7k snipes, I firmly believe that Assault, Rapid, and heavy should all be under 3k optimals (maybe even less), and long range should be up to 4.5k.



Lastly, The buff to frigates is going to help with that close/mid range building. All in all very exciting change.

why not change the longrange versions to flak versions?

-> medium damage in a spefic aoe radius, long range, medium damage, medium rof, moderate heat and high shell speed

Seems like they want more dog fighting due to the decrease in the optimum ranges of the weapons, giving a more heavy incentive to get up close an personal. (Not that it affects me as Im always about 1500-500 meters away from my target.) 


I agree on what Uhmari said about frigates actually joining up to the battle and not camping. which benefits anyone dog fighting around them with any buffs they provide, making a clear advantage to have them with you. 


Is matchmaking wait times being fixed? I feel that it needs to be reduced to a max 2 minutes and not 5 to 7 for a crappy 4 vs. 4 match…But that’s a side issue. 


Graphic performance have a stronger influence? Time to put everything to MAX and see how that goes…


Also when can we officially declare war on other corporations and squads? I wish there was a Gladiator feature where 2 squads can go up against each other if they wish to do so…

The Devs need to add other active booster module (the top right one) with maneuvering increase of 7 or 10% on every axis, That way well have 4 posible boosters: velocity, protection,damage and maneuvering. And of course in normal credits cost.

Reputation Bonus of 400% canceled???

Reputation Bonus of 400% canceled???


I think tey mean that rep bonus will be no more influenced by choosed ships…


E cmq ciao fratello lol fammi sapere come ti chiami in game :wink:

These changes look to be good ones. As far as what Uhmari said for further changes to the weapons it could possibly be User Error. I don’t have a problem hitting targets with heavy rails. They are supposed to be harder to hit targets because of their HIGH dps when you do hit (same with heavy plasma ie: slow gun barrels). Heavy lasers kill me on the regular so people can clearly aim them. 


Nerfing max range is a good way to bring the battle in. I don’t see how too much more can be done (not that there is nothing) because the maps are so large! The warp gate is a nice addition to help with bringing frigates in closer and helping them to chase down end of battle runners etc.


So far this patch plays out really well. Nice job!!

one bug this far: the descriptions of the railguns show wrong values







What happened to Jericho shield resistances?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a new player, currently Rank 4. Just bought a T2 ship, trying to equip it out for now. My problem is, before (yesterday), I was able to use my phase shield correctly, and gain the maximum benefit from my shields. But today, anything with any EMP weapon just wrecks me, I kept dodging, had like 75% accuracy (well, from what I can tell), but still before I took down any of my enemies’ shields, I got blown up.


What gives?

The new weapon tooltip is so good, but the spread value color is inverse ( + spread is green, - is red)

And a needle module for a heavy plasma makes its dps negative :slight_smile: