Star Conflict OBT v. 0.6.2

Star Conflict CBT v0.6.2

== Change list==

Game modes: General

* Endless support of the fleet:

  • Now the downed ships do not completely go out of action, and after a while they come back to the battlefield.

  • Total damage taken by ships, and the total cost of repair is evenly distributed among all the players’ ships after the battle.

  • Contracts are adapted to the new conditions.

* In looting, the first attempt has a 100% chance of finding something.

Game Mode: Domination

* Improved the visual representation of the beacon capture process.

Game balance: Battle search, matchmaking

* Fixed the power estimation of the ships, which previously led to too-frequent encounters with stronger opponents.

* Improved fight queue settings.

Contracts: General

Fixed bonus rewards for contracts.

Weapons and modules: General

* Mk3 and premium modules and weapons now have equal power.

Weapons and modules: Rockets

* Reduced high level rockets’ damage

* Added Mk3 and premium rockets.

* Mk3 and premium rockets now have equal power.

* Premium rockets are now installed on ships in higher quantities.

* Added a new type of ammunition “Drones”:

  • Installed in the bay for heavy rockets.

  • Follows the locked target and tries to destroy it.

  • If there are no locked targets, or they are beyond the operational range of the drone, the drone flies next to its owner’s ship.

  • The drone can be shot down, so it can not be picked up in space.

  • A single ship can’t have more than one active drone at a time.

Interface: General

* Items are also sorted by their tech level.

Interface: HUD

* Added advanced notifications on the reasons for victory or failure.

Equipment tab

* Improved the fourth platform.

Sound and Music: General

* New sounds for some unguided rockets.

* Improvements in voiceover (English).

* Improvements and balancing of plasma cannon sounds.

* Other minor improvements.

Bug fixes

* Fixed wrong contracts progress messages.

* Fixed a bug where the purchased rockets were not installed in the slot, and were delivered to the storage instead.

* Fixed several crash to desktop bugs.

* Fixed a bug that caused the reduction of vehicle parameters when removing certain modules.

Can’t login into game. It says that my client verion is different then the game version, and it happened right after update.

Can’t login into game. It says that my client verion is different then the game version, and it happened right after update.

The server is still under maintenance and it will be available around 12AM MSK standard time.


First im,pressions about this patcj are simply great :slight_smile:

Noe i really feel like i’m flying in the middle of a battle space amazing work guys :slight_smile:

Standing ovation.

The idea of infinite respawn totally changed gameplay lol

And matches are no more a trenche warfare lol

Otherwise having all the player always in match could bring other problems like lag and strategy lack.

We’ll see later on, but definetly the game is insanely better now :slight_smile:

Infinite respawn yay… not my tipe of gameplay. Even if it will change the meta im still against it.

Inty using mk3 self destruct → fly close and self destrcut → he comes back and does it over and over and over and over… as an little example of what could happen.

Repairment is now totally out of game since you dont need to wait for someone to repair you or a support frig or taking modules with you. Already strong ships will still be strong even if they have some sort of debuff. Also frig blobbing will continue since you dont need anything else anymore. Frigs have most hull and shield and also plently of other defense abiltys, while still beeing able to deal high dmg to targets.

* Premium rockets are now installed on ships in higher quantities.

What? Am i able to carry more missiles, mines, drones and NUKES! simply because they are prem? Com on are you trying to make this game pay to play, or play 4 free?


There should be a hint on the log.

-> Added T1 and T2 Nuke.

-> Drones are Prem only.

-> Changed some stats of varius ships. (my T2-2 Frig from Jericho lost 1k shield, T2-2 Interceptor lost 88 hull and 170 shield)

Great patch for now, i’m really happy that you’ve fixed up matchmaking, but there are still few things spoiling the game.

  • Infinite respawn: good idea but needs some tweaking. I think there should be some longer cooldown before you can fly ship that was once destroyed. Maybe different cooldown times for different ship types could be worth considering. For example Intercepror = 20 sec, Fighter = 40 sec, Frigate = 60 sec. Cooldowns could be also much shorter at the beggining but gradually increasing with each lost ship. This way people would try to survive a bit harder and frequent destroying ships would give team some advantage. Now it’s a bit frustrating when after destroying most of enemy ships several times they respawn right in front of you while you try to capture their final beacon, you kill them then they’re back in 5-10 secs… it’s a bit too short. Also when there was only 3 ships per player missiles were great and powerfull weapon, but now for most of the game there is constantly the same ammount of ships but everyone is out of rockets. It makes rockets quite useless now thogether with missile skills, thechnologies and missiles defence systems since there is no longer any missiles on the battlefield (after 3-4 minutes hardly anyone have missiles left). There should be some way to replenish ammo during the game. Some supply ship floating somewhere in the battlefield which should be captured to recieve ammo if team manages to keep it long enough, maybe component/module installed on ship (ammo factory thing T2MKIII :)) or ammunition could be partially replenished with each respawn (1 rocket of each type for example).


It seems that with last hotfix you’ve increased cooldown, seems good now, but part with ammunition is still valid.

By the way, now players with 4 ships doesn’t have any advantage from having additional ships in the battle. Does the 4th ship slot have any worth now?

  • weapons still needs to be more balanced IMHO. Now for most of time i see people using only rapidfire railgun and sometimes lasers. Other weapons are rare either because they’re much underpowered or this shotgun is overpowered. Railgun have relatively short chargeup, very fast projectiles with big damage, fast turrets and no overheat - in other words almost no disadvantages + increased damage. Other weapons have always some disadvantage - gradually increasing spread, quick overheat, long chargeup, slow projectiles, slow firerate, slow turrets or low damage and sometimes all of it like hail plasma for example.

  • afterburners still seems to be bugged for me, im not sure if others experienced the this too. In test flight mode everything is fine, when activating afterburners i see additional engines turning on, distortion of view at edges of the screen, sound of afterburners, speedometer bar glowing and filled to the max, energy slowly decreasing at stable pace and my ship flies at top speed (about 470 with my Hawk). But when im in regular game with people its slightly different. I see no additional engines glowing, there is no afterburner sound, spedometer is not glowing, there is no view distortion, energy bar jumps up and down rapidly as if afterburners turn on and of all the time draining power quicker than it should, and speedometer bar never fills up to maximum, also ship does never reach its top speed (about 415 with the same Hawk interceptor). It’s a bit irritating for two reasons - it seems i can’t reach top performance with my ship, and with no sound, glow etc. i often find myself pushing afterburners button for a long time after all energy was used up, afterburners went off and wondering why the hell other ships are faster than mine just because i didn’t notice any visual change of afterburners turning off.

  • It would also be nice to see which beacons are under attack. Currently there is only blinking text “Base under attack” but there is no clue which beacon is being attacked. If you miss voice telling which beacon is under fire, does not understand it or just loud explosiond make it unhearable you’re not even aware that some beacon needs defense. If beacon state representation at the top of the screen would blink when under attack it would help much. I really liked representation of beacon state as it was few patches ago (this in bottom right corner) - it was more clear and more pretty, there was no confusion about what and where is under attack and in what shape it is.

  • It seems that reputation gain is somehow delayed. Total reputation showed in game summary is different than total reputation showed in hangar. What i found is that in hangar reputation shown is equal to ammount i had 2 games before instead of the last one. It counts properly but with delay of one game.

  • In some recent Patches you’ve said that you’ve fixed some voice acting bugs - but i still happen to hear backward played voice message sometimes, and from time to time when my team looses the game i hear victory message like “We’ve taken all the beacons, victory is ours” at the end instead of “We’ve been utterly beaten…”. Just to let you know.

Thanks for the feedback.

Well the 4th slot still has a little advantage, here a little example: You can take 2 Interceptors from different factions/ with different modules or weapons to have more different ship choices in the battle.

Could you go into options and disable the afterburner reactivation option?

Could you go into options and disable the afterburner reactivation option?

It worked, now afterburners works good, thx for clue :slight_smile:

It seems that the switch is bugged instead of afterburners.

I cant download the patch, its conflicting with antivirus, and then the error files are corrupted, and then another error not enough access rights.cant execute the repair

Try launching the game with admin access and disable your antivirus for the duration of the patch.

does win32/heur means anything, or is that just false positive

edit: thanks the solution solved the problem

does win32/heur means anything, or is that just false positive

edit: thanks the solution solved the problem

It’s a false positive.