Star Conflict OBT v.0.11.7

Star Conflict OBT v.0.11.7

Game invitation
Starting with this update, new friend invitation rules are in place:
The invited pilot receives 100 GS upon first login
The mercenary that invited a pilot to the game receives various bonuses for the invited pilot’s progress:
Premium license for 48 hours from the moment the invitee reaches rank 4
Premium license for 5 days, when the invitee reaches rank 7
500 GS, when the friend reaches rank 10
Besides, the pilot that invites friends to the game also receives bonuses equal to 10% off all Galactic Standards purchased by the invited pilots
The number of invited people is not limited
We remind you that for your friend to be considered ‘invited’ by the game, he has to meet several criteria:
If your friend plays through the launcher, he has to use a special link to register in the game. You have to provide this link.
If your friend plays through Steam, he has to enter the special code in the side of conflict choice screen upon first launching the game
You can receive the link and the code in the game client by pressing the ‘Invite friend’ button
The ‘Invite friend’ button has been moved to the Hangar screen
Link and code are generated once and can be used multiple times

Invasion CBT
Character name in destroyed ships log now depends on their standing with you
The following colour codes are in effect:
_ Ally _
_ Enemy _
_ Neutral _
_ Group member _
_ Aggressor _
_ Alien _
Secret documents
As you know, space is vast and can hold a lot of interesting things. Many pilots even found lost secret documents and received rewards for returning them.
Abandoned secret documents can no longer be sent by the mailing drone
Pilots delivering the documents to the station can expect a hefty reward!
Any exit from Attacked Sectors leads to the documents being abandoned
Including: ship getting destroyed, quitting the game, safe exit
If one pilot loses the documents, another one may find them!
Added new characters
Changed weapons for some existing characters
Т1 ships can no longer enter Attacked Sectors
Opening the Attacked Sectors tab in Hangar now always opens the main Invasion screen
Added new assignments

Attacked Sectors now have one more location!
_Added a new location Ice belt _
The location used to be called Red Nebula
This location now holds the PvE mission Operation ‘Ice Belt’ (previously called Secret Shipyard Raid)
The zone is located in Olympus system on Federation territory
Location has no Station Protection
The location is available for ships of rank 10 and higher
Changed Station Protection status for several Empire zones
Ontregos Drift now has Station Protection
Warden Outpost Ruins no longer has Station Protection
Felony Border no longer has Station Protection
Game Mode selection
Only three tabs are left in game mode selection:
Sector Conquest
This tab now holds PvP and Custom Battle
The mode is chosen from a drop-down list
Attacked Sectors
This tab now holds PvE and Invasion
Added three PvE mission buttons to main Attacked Sectors screen: for levels Т1, Т2-3 and Т4-5
To complete contracts of a different side of conflict you now have to change stations
Contracts of all factions of the chosen side of conflict are now active at the same time
Several values of various contracts have been increased
Rewards for these contracts have also been increased

Added Star Conflict integration with Facebook!
Integration provides the following options:
Sharing game screenshots into pilot’s album on Facebook
Sharing game invitations
Sharing battle results
Adding Facebook friends playing Star Conflict to Star Conflict friend list
How does this work?
Facebook authorization proceeds through a web-browser
Authorization is required when sharing
You can also authorize in game options
Authorization is active during a game session
Some events suggest sharing on Facebook
To share an event, press the ‘Share’ button

Added manufacturing notification
New daily rewards:
1 day: 10000 credits
2 day: 15000 credits
3 day: 20000 credits
4 day: 50000 credits
5 day: Premium license for 24 hours
PvE and Invasion integration is approaching the finish line!
PvE missions are now entered through Attacked Sectors
Added three PvE mission buttons to main Attacked Sectors screen: for levels Т1, Т2-3 and Т4-5
Hovering over the button shows more information on the upcoming mission
You can learn more by clicking on a special icon on mission preview
If the pilot is below mission rank, the mission button is greyed out
Regular squad members can’t select missions
Receiving the PvE bonus does not cancel the PvP bonus and vice versa
Reward in the purple loot points is now calculated with the highest-ranked ship in mind
Purple trophy calculation counts the ships installed in combat slots when taking part in a given PvE mission
Purple trophy calculation does not the ships that do not fit the mission’s requirements
Introduced PvE mission rotation
Pilots can now choose the desired PvE mission level
Only one PvE mission is available for a given level at any moment
Available missions are updated once per day
All the PvE missions are still available in Custom Battle
Changed mission prerequisites
You need to have at least one ship fitting mission requirements in your combat slots
A ship that doesn’t fit mission level can no longer used in PvE
Secret Shipyard Raid renamed to Operation ‘Ice Belt’
Team Battle
Team battle artifacts now have a special visual effects

Bug fixes
Invasion CBT
Fixed loot object positions
Fixed several assignment bugs
Fixed a bug with locations not counting towards achievements
Improved text strings
Fixed chat bug in battle debriefing interface
Fixed text bugs
Fixed invalid ship rank value in battle debriefing
Fixed a bug with invalid first victory bonus icon
Fixed singularity projector colour on the PvE boss in Pirate Fort Raid
Fixed a bug with being unable to send a message to a pilot with a ship purchase notification in general chat
Fixed a bug with the drop-down menu not fitting all the strings

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