Star Conflict OBT v.0.11.6

Star Conflict OBT v.0.11.6

We decided to encourage the pilots sharing their combat experience with rookies. Now any pilot can become a mentor and start teaching several recruits after meeting a number of prerequisites.
Mentor’s objective is to increase the recruits’ combat skill and, consequently, increase their ship ranks.
The training process proceeds in combat, in a Mentor-Recruit squad.
Who can become a mentor
Any pilot to meet the following prerequisites:
Have at least Rank 9 with one of the sides of conflict
Participate in at least 200 battles
Mentor has to meet all the prerequisites
How to start the training?
Both the Mentor and the Recruit may start the training process
Mentor has to click the RMB on the potential recruit’s nickname and choose ‘Offer training’ in the drop-down menu.
Recruit has to click the RMB on the potential Mentor’s nickname and choose ‘Ask for training’ in the drop-down menu
Training conditions:
Any pilot below Rank 4 can become a recruit
You can’t have more than 5 recruits simultaneously
You can’t have more than one Mentor simultaneously
Training ends when the Recruit reaches Rank 4 or at the initiative of either side
Mentor and recruit are always friends
If the sides were not friends before the start of the training process, they automatically become friends when training starts
Recruits are displayed in the Mentor’s social list with the tag ‘Recruit’
Mentors are displayed in the Recruit’s social list with the tag ‘Mentor’
Training process:
Training is conducted in PvE and PvP battles in a squad of two pilots: Mentor and Recruit
In a squad of Mentor, Recruit and a third pilot, training does not count
In a squad of Mentor and two Recruits, training does not count
Mentor receives 25% of synergy earned by the Recruit, if the Recruit marks the Mentor’s work as satisfactory after the battle
Synergy received for successful training counts towards Mentor’s free synergy
All the factors increasing synergy gain also affect the training reward, including booster devices, first victory bonus and premium license
Synergy earned by the Recruit is not affected
Mentoring achievements
We added a couple of new achievements for successful mentors
Successful Mentor: Your recruits have to win 100 battles
Experienced Mentor: 50 of your recruits have to reach Rank 4
Revered Mentor: Receive approval 20 times from 20 different Recruits after squad flights with them
Veteran Mentor: Get all mentoring achievements
Veteran Mentors also receive unique ship stickers

Workshop can be used to produce various items, as well as upgrade modules and weapons to Мк.5
General manufacturing principles
To produce an item you have to know its blueprint and have enough resources
You can study module tech with blueprints
You can buy blueprints in the Store or find them among loot
There are unique blueprints that can’t be bought
You need to have enough resources in your warehouse to manufacture items
A weapon or a module in the warehouse can be a component
Some components have to be produced out of raw materials
Most components, parts and materials can be found in Attacked Sectors
Blueprints are used to learn module technology
Blueprints are not required for item production
Blueprints are studied in the Workshop
A studied blueprint is removed from the warehouse
You don’t have no repeatedly study blueprints, you may freely sell the extra copies
Manufacturing process
To manufacture an item you have to:
- Open Workshop
A new Workshop tab has been added to Hangar interface
- Select the desired blueprint
- Make sure you learned the technology
- Make sure you have enough of the required resources
If you have more than 999 units of a resource, the number 999 will still be displayed
- Press ‘Manufacture’

Attacked Sectors now have a new location!
A new location is now available to pilots: Fort Muerto
This location holds the PvE scenario Pirate Fort Attack
New objects have been added to the map
The complex can be found in Fringe Sector FX-1 that does not belong to any side of conflict
Location has no Station Protection
Location is available for ships of at least rank 10

Weapons and modules
Firing rate reduced from 17 to 15 shots per minute
ODG ‘Chameleon’
Module recharge time reduced from 45 to 35 seconds
EM Scattering Field
Module active time reduced from 60 to 40 seconds
Reverse Thruster
Energy consumption increased from 300 to 400 pts.

Invasion CBT
Bots can now be neutral to pilots
Bots used to be either allied or hostile
Killing neutrals is bad for karma
Aggressor and Criminal flags are not assigned for attacking neutrals
Neutrals are not covered by station protection
Bots now pay less attention to cargo ships
Improved Hangar interface
Removed Hangar and Shipyard tabs
You now see the Shipyard screen by default
The [ESC] key now closes the window and returns you to the default screen
Added notifications on item manufacturing
The Store was tweaked to help new players get accustomed to game mechanics
Each module or weapon are now available for purchase when the pilot reaches a certain rank
Thus, you can no longer accidentally buy a module of a much higher rank than your current rank
However you can still install a rank 6 module on a rank 4 ship
If the pilot has modules with ranks higher than his current rank, he can still use them with no limitations
Availability of most modules remains unchanged
If the module was available on Т2,it is now available on Rank 4. For Т3, Т4, Т5 respectively it’s ranks 7, 10, 13
Below is the list of modules and weapons that had their availability changed

Rank 2
Active modules
IR Flares T1
Repair Kit L T1
Repair Kit S T1
Shield Booster L T1
Shield Booster S T1
Spy Drone Container T1
Ion Diffuser T1
Orion Targeting Complex T1
Mass Shield Generator T1
Mass Propulsion Inhibitor T1
Weapon Overcharge T1
Ship modifiers
Enhanced Scanner T1

Rank 3
Active modules
Nanocomposite Coating T1[/space]
Aegis System T1
Engine Suppressor T1
Ship modifiers
Auxiliary Shield Projector T1
Leak Stabilizer T1
Auxiliary Generator T1

Rank 5
Heavy Blaster T2
RF Blaster T2
Shrapnel Cannon T2
Coil Mortar T2
Active modules
Micro-locator T2
Parasitic Remodulator T2
Energy Absorber T2
Adaptive Camo T2
Plasma Arc T2
Engine Overcharge T2
Valkyrie System T2
Inhibitor Beam T2
Nanodrone Cloud T2
Pulsar T2
EM Scattering Field T2
Ship modifiers
Reactive Armor T2
Armor-Plated Hull T2
EM-Diffuser T2
Acceleration Coils T2
Catalyst Injector T2

Rank 6
Ion Emitter T2
Singularity Projector T2
Active modules
Multiphase Shield Generator T2
Weapon System Inhibitor T2
Self-Destruct T2
Aiming Overcharge T2
Warp Gate T2
Ship modifiers
Variative Shield Projector T2
Shield Projection Splitter T2
Vernier ENgines T2

Rank 8
‘Eclipse’ Launcher T3
Kinetic Supercharger T3
Active modules
‘White Noise’ Jammer T3
Particle Purge T3
Energy Emitter T3
Emergency Shield Boost T3
IR Pulsar T3
Ship modifiers
Passive Armor T3
Improved Pylons T3
Compact Shield Generator T3
Energy Recuperation System T3
Capacitor Power Relay T3
Tetroxide Injector T3

Rank 9
Active modules
Autonomous Repair Station T3
Signature Masking T3
Ship modifiers
Galvanized Armor T3
Adaptive Shield T3
Iridium Heatsink T3

Rank 11
Ship modifiers
Capacitor Power Relay T4
Inertial Stabilizer T4
Target Tracking Coprocessor T4

Rank 12
Ship modifiers
Submatter Shield T4

Bug fixes
Invasion CBT
Improved loading screens for a number of locations
Removed thermal anomalies from some remote places in locations
Fixed a bug that allowed changing Station Protection status outside of the Hangar
Fixed graphical artifacts in Hangar
Improved beam effect on ‘Terramorphing Station’
Fixed several map bugs
Removed the option to switch Station Protection status outside of the Hangar
Mk. 5 versions now inherit bonuses
Previously produced Mk. 5 versions will also have added bonuses
Fixed incorrect artifact display in mail attachments
Improved texts

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