Star Conflict OBT v.0.11.5

Star Conflict OBT v.0.11.5

Invasion CBT

Improved Spatial Scanner

Spike height now has exponential relationship with distance to object


Not only the Attacked Sectors are getting new locations!


_Added new battleground Abandoned Complex _

Available in PvP

Available for ranks 4 and higher


Upon reaching a new rank, the pilot now gets a reward from Fleet Command!

The pilot also receives a special notification. It provides the following information:

1. Rank reached

2. Reward for reaching the rank

3. Unlocks:

(a) PvP battlegrounds

(b) PvP game modes

© Attacked Sectors locations

(d) other opportunities and abilities

PvE missions

Tweaked difficulty for a number of missions

Blackwood Shipyard. Beginner

1st round: reduced enemy numbers by 15%

2nd round: no more than 14 enemies at any given moment (reduced by 2)

Blackwood Shipyard. Normal

Now for Т4 and Т5 ships. Т3 is now ‘Easy’

1st round: no more than 14 enemies at any given moment(increased by 2)

3rd round: now each wave contains 10 ships (increased by 3), 3 reinforcement waves total

Captured Dreadnaught. Normal

Now for Т2 and Т3 ships

All stages: enemy damage increased by 15%

3rd round: missile turret range increased by 20%

Captured Dreadnaught. Hard

Now for Т4 and Т5 ships

3rd round: fringe turrets range increased to 9 km. Central turret range is now 5 km

Processing Rig. Easy

Now for Т2 and Т3 ships

All stages: enemy damage increased by 5-7% depending on ship type

3rd round:

(a) reduced the interval between final reinforcement waves

(b) increased enemy numbers in waves with longer intervals

Bug fixes


Improved a number of texts

Improved battlegrounds

Fixed some graphical artifacts

Fixed a bug with dropped cargo disappearing inside static objects

Fixed several contracts

Mac OS

Fixed a bug with inactive buttons at login screen

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