Star Conflict OBT v.0.11.4

Star Conflict OBT v.0.11.4 update 1

Changed contract difficulty.

Improved texts of the PvE mission Captured Dreadnaught.

Improved locations of pickups in several zones of Attacked Sectors.

Improved mechanics of returning from Unknown sectors.

Star Conflict OBT v.0.11.4


Invasion CBT



More PvE locations are being added to Attacked Sectors

_Added a new location Captured Dreadnaught _

This location used to host PvE mission ‘Secret Repairbase’

It has now been renamed to Captured Dreadnaught

The location is situated in Imperial system Pride

Location has no Station Protection

Location is available for ships of at least rank 10




Added a ‘minimize’ button to group (squad, wing) window


Revamped contract mechanics. Contracts now represent constantly active assignments, available in any PvP, PvE or Sector Conquest battle

All contracts are always active

You can’t cancel a contract

You can still choose contracts of other factions


An upgradeable module is now marked with a special mark

The mark is displayed if the pilot has enough credits or GS

The mark is displayed if there’s a fitting upgrade kit in the warehouse


Tweaked difficulty for a number of PvE missions

_ Captured Dreadnaught _

Т1: reduced turret durability

Т1-Т5: reduced enemy numbers

_ Processing Rig _

Т4: reduced turret durability

Т4: increased the interval between enemy waves

Т4: reduced enemy numbers

_ Secret Shipyard _

Т4: reduced enemy weapons damage

Т4: increased ally transports durability

Т4: reduced enemy transports durability

Т1-Т5: reduced enemy numbers

Т4: reduced interceptor presence in enemy waves

Т4: reduced Destroyer weapon damage



Improved pirate voices

Added new sounds for Invasion mode

Tweaked weapon sounds and explosions

Added cargo jettison sound


Bug fixes

Invasion CBT

Improved notifications on contracts received by the pilot

Improved convoy behaviour

Fixed bugs in contracts


Fixed a number of bugs on battlegrounds

Improved a number of texts

Improved descriptions for a number of modules

Improved crosshairs display in Spectator mode



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