Star Conflict OBT v.0.11.3

Star Conflict OBT v.0.11.3

Invasion CBT
Status and karma
Improved logic for Criminal and Aggressor statuses when ramming ships with micro-warpа
If the victim was under Station Protection, it does not become the reason the rammer dies and does not receive the aforementioned statuses
If the rammer had Station Protection, the victim does not become the reason the rammer dies and does not receive the aforementioned statuses
If both were not under Station Protection, the victim becomes the reason the rammer dies and receives the aforementioned statuses
Cargo hold
Improved cargo ejection mechanics
Pressing LMB on the cargo now immediately ejects it without additional notifications
You can still eject cargo through the RMB context menu
The cargo is now ejected some distance from the ship
Improved sounds for various locations
Post-flight debriefing now shows the number of assignments completed during the trip
Location status can now be identified by the marker on Attacked Sectors map:
Safe locations have blue markers
Locations without Station Protection have red markers
Unavailable locations have a lock icon on the location marker

Markers showing assignment objectives are now shown above the corresponding objects
Disabling Station Protection is now located next to Undocking button
You can now see the status of the zone you’re entering when approaching the gate
Locations with Station Protection display a ‘Safe zone’ notification
Locations without Station Protection display a ‘Dangerous zone’ warning

We are constantly working on module, weapon and ship balance.
In this update we’re including a pack of balance changes aimed at improving ship roles.
The gunship’s problem was the long cooldown time of its role module Ship Overcharge. However, reducing this time could make the ship too strong.
This is why we decided to shorten the module’s work cycle:
Effect duration reduced by 33%, to 8 seconds
Module cooldown reduced by 33%, to 40 seconds
Practice shows that invisibility is often used to avoid battle rather than stage a surprise attack.
That’s why we decided to stimulate the aggressiveness of tackler pilots:
When ODG Chameleon stops working, weapon damage is increased by 20% for 5 seconds
By looking through the stats, we came to the conclusion that Diffusion shield is not good enough on higher ranks, and as a result Command ships lose their appeal for high-rank pilots…
To solve this problem we differentiated the module’s effectiveness on various ranks:
Т1: 1 energy pts. can absorb 7 damage pts.
Т2: 1 energy pts. can absorb 8 damage pts.
Т3: 1 energy pts. can absorb 9 damage pts.
Т4: 1 energy pts. can absorb 11 damage pts.
Т5: 1 energy pts. can absorb 13 damage pts.
We also tweaked the Valkyrie System module
Now it affects the host ship and allies differently
Damage increase for the host ship is now at 23-38% depending on rank and module version
Damage increase for allied ships is now at 13-23% depending on rank and module version
Energy requirements for switching the role module Phase Shield mode reduced by 37%
Improved Pulsar module
Now it starts recharging when the effect ends
The module can now be disabled with ECM systems
Module cooldown reduced by 24%
A serious obstacle for engineering ships is the fact that pilots often employ the ‘Enable the module and forget’ principle.
This is why we tweaked a number of modules.
Autonomous Repair Station
Effect duration reduced by 50%
Module cooldown reduced by 50%
Module durability reduced by 40%
Autonomous Charging Station
Effect duration reduced by 50%
Module cooldown reduced by 17%
Module durability reduced by 40%
Improved role module ‘Guided Torpedo’
Explosion radius reduced by 20%
Rotation speed now depends on torpedo level:
Т1: 15 degrees per second
Т2: 16,5 degrees per second
Т3: 18 degrees per second
Т4: 19,5 degrees per second
Т5: 21 degrees per second
Changed radioactive cloud effects
Cloud radius reduced by 10%

Universal modules have also been tweaked
Shield modules
Reduced recharge time for modules ‘Shield Booster S/M/L’ by 33%
Cooldown time reduced by 30%
Effect duration reduced from 3 to 2 seconds

To make fights with interceptors easier, we also increased accuracy for Pulse Lasers :
Weapon scatter reduced by 50%

Attacked sectors keep getting PvE maps integrated into them
Added a new location ‘Blackwood Shipyard’
The location can be found in Imperial sector close to Ontregos system
Added a number of static objects to the zone

Observer mode
In the recent blitz-tournament Victoru Day we first used the Spectator mechanics in the game.
In this update we keep improving the spectator mechanics.
Any pilot can join a custom battle as an observer
General rules
You can only observe PvP battles
You can become an observer before and after the battle starts
There can be no more than 4 observers in one battle
Observer interface
Added the observe button
If the room ahs a password, the observer needs to know it
The host can’t observe
Reserve pilots can’t observe
An observer can’t become a pilot
If all the pilots leave the room, the observers are automatically removed
Improved the switching pilots mechanic
The №1 team (left) is always blue, and №2 (right) is always red
All the markers and HUd elements are coloured accordingly
Observers can watch any pilot in battle
You can switch between pilots with LMB and RMB
If the pilot is awaiting launch or has no ships left, he’s removed from the observation list
If there isn’t a single pilot to observe, the tactical map window is displayed instead
Observer tactical map
Brought up by pressing TAB
Pressing LMB on a pilot shifts focus to this pilot
Doesn’t work if the pilot is awaiting launch or has no ships left
Observer chat
A separate chat channel is created for observers
Observers can’t send messages to either team’s chat
Observer post-battle debriefing
The observer can see the post-battle debriefing
The observer can’t approve pilots
The observer can’t see stats

Custom Battle
The host’s name is now highlighted in orange
The launch button is now inactive if no pilots are allocated to teams
Ship lists now display icons relevant to roles:
pilot lists on tactical map
post-battle debriefing
Custom battle window
Improved AI settings for various ships and weapons
Increased the AI’s chance to miss while firing different weapons
Visual identification radius for Police, pirates and Aliens reduced to 1 km
Visual identification is relevant if the target can’t be seen on the radar
Corporation list
Improved the list of corporations receiving applications
Recruitment is now closed by default
Corporations are sorted by roster size
The largest corporations are at the top of the list
2-step authentification
The game now supports 2-step authentification.
You can enable 2-step authentification in your profile at Gaijin.Online
If it’s enabled, you need to enter a code generated by the Google Authenticator app when you enter the game
Google Authenticator is available for iOS and Android

Bug fixes
Invasion CBT
Fixed a bug with disappearing blueprints
Fixed ‘glow’ effect
Fixed a rare bug that could lead to game server crashes
Disabled voice messages from other game modes
Tweaked object positions for several zones
Improved tooltip for the CEO personal message window
Improved module descriptions for Tachyon Charge and Weapon Overcharge: their incompatibility is now clearly stated
Improved Duplicator description. It presents the following options:
return to base station with cargo
restore ship without cargo
Improved GS icon display in weekly ratings
Improved corporation display in application lists
Improved ship tracking with active Disintegrator
Improved tracking EM-Bomb planting in Detonation
Improved a number of texts
Fixed a bug with invalid debriefing damage values
Fixed a bug with losing focus while entering corporation name
Fixed a bug with Reverse Thruster not dropping the EM-bomb in Detonation
Fixed a bug with shield boosters not working on targets usind radar or optical invisibility in Microlocator effect area
Fixed a bug with invalid PvP corporation rating numbers
Fixed a bug with CEO name exceeding corporation card limits
Fixed a bug with blinking module background during recharging
Fixed a bug with inactive filter button in pilot list
Fixed a bug with changing ships in custom battle
Fixed a bug with invalid slill leaderboard count
Invalid leaderboard numbers will revert to normal on their own
Fixed bugs on a number of maps
Disabled chat notifications about purchased bundles
Mac OS
Fixed a bug with graphical artifacts from SPatial Scanner

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