Star Conflict OBT v.0.11.2

Star Conflict OBT v.0.11.2

Invasion CBT


Tuned trophy pickup order:

The first trophy to be picked is the one your crosshair is on

If the crosshair isn’t pointing at a trophy, the one closest to the middle of the screen is picked up

Angles are calculated for middle of the screen and the trophy

The trophy with the sharper angle is picked up

This logic still applies if the trophy is out of view

Improved trophy mechanics in open space:

You can’t pick up a trophy if it isn’t within direct line of sight

If you lose direct line of sight during pickup, the process is interrupted

Another ship may ‘hide’ the trophy from you

You have to hold the action key again to restart the process

Improved trophy mechanics next to action zones such as gates

If the crosshair points at a trophy, it is picked up

If the crosshair is not pointing at a trophy, an action is performed

Improved trophy scanner mechanics

Collected trophies are removed from the scanner

Tuned scanner sensitivity according to item distance

Improved display of common and assignment items

Common items include crystals, fuel, containers, minerals and other objects you can pick up

Assignment items are the ones requiring pickup for an assignment

If a regular object is beyond radar range, it’s not ‘glowing’

IF a regular object is closer than 2 km, it’s ‘glowing’ regardless of radar range

If an assignment object is too far away, it’s not ‘glowing’.

Improved trophy names

Ores sold for credits retained their names

Ores used in production are now called Impure

For example, ‘Impure osmium’


Added voice lines for the following events in Attacked sectors:

Station docking

Jumping into a zone

Trophy scanning

Alien invasion

Low fuel status

Full cargo hold status

Added voice lines for Alien attacks on police and transports

Added voice lines for various combat situations

Fixed automatic volume control for various sounds

Added sounds for various situations


Reworked stats window. Now it shows the number of completed assignments.

Improved Prometheus Squad achievement icon


Improved assignment display

Added Alien invasion notification

Safe exit can now be interrupted

Safe exit can be interrupted by pressing [ESC]

It is also interrupted if you receive damage

Including collision damage

Status and karma

If an ‘Aggressor’ is restored with a Duplicator, it no longer maintains the status

Nobody receives the Aggressor status after dealing or receiving collision damage

Killing pirates now increases karma

Fixed a bug with Criminal and Aggressor status acquisition

Changed karma values for killing pirates

Fixed karma values for levels ‘+4’, ‘+5’


Pirate transports now have red exhaust trails


Added a new map ‘Abandoned Outpost’

It’s meant for battles in Sector Conquest and PvP modes

The map is located among giant debris of an unknown structure of an ancient civilization

Ongoing merge of Attacked Sectors and existing PvE missions



Added a tooltip for corporation roster extension button[/space]

You can now send applications to corporations

Any independent pilot can send an application to any corporation

A pilot already in a corporation can’t send applications

You can revoke your application at any moment

You can only send one application to a corporation

You can send unlimited applications to different corporations

Applications have no expiry dates

if you are accepted to a corporation, all the other applications are terminated

CEO and corporations officers can decide on applicants

Basic application procedure

1. Open corporation window

2. Choose a corporation

Corporation list is sorted by their lifespan

Only the corporations with open recruitment are displayed

You can filter by jurisdiction

3. Click ‘Send application’

You can write to corporation CEO before sending the application

Alternative procedure

Find a corporation in corporate leaderboards

Press the RMB

Choose ‘Send application’

If the corporation is not recruiting members, a message will be displayed

If you already sent an application to this corporation, you will see an option to revoke your application instead

Added the option to control corporation recruitment

Added a new option ‘Recruitment Open’ into the corp tab

The option is enabled by default

If you disable it, the corporation is removed from the general available corporation list

The ability to recruit pilots with individual invites remains


Added colour codes for modules installed into slots

You can now send private messages to any pilot by clicking the RMB on his icon on the tactical map

RMB click doesn’t let you send private messages into chat

You can send private messages to enemy team pilots

Restoring a ship with a Duplicator now takes some time

Game modes

Having analyzed a number of battles, we decided that some of them are dragged out for too long

This is why we reduced their lengths for some modes:

_ Combat Recon. Maximum battle time reduced to 8 minutes_

_ Detonation. Maximum battle time reduced to 8 minutes_

Bug fixes

Invasion CBT

Fixed the similarity between trophy and transport icons

Fixed wrong message when pointing at gates

Fixed a bug with result display in Hangar

Fixed several locations in Attacked sectors

Fixed chat channel bug after returning from Attacked Sectors

Fixed a bug with installed module upgrade status display

Moved a drone further from the gate in Barter Zone

Fixed several battleground bugs

Fixed a bug with transport guards being too aggressive

Fixed a bug with incorrect ALien ship display with low graphics settings

Fixed a bug with chat window opening after dumping cargo

Fixed a bug with corporation chat message display[/space]

Improved pilot distribution across servers

Fixed a bug with being unable to leave a squad while in space

Fixed a bug with being unable to undock without full ammo stores

Fixed Minotaur restoration without a Duplicator


Improved a number of texts

Fixed a bug with pilot list in Custom Battle

Fixed a bug with Attacked Sectors markers in PvE[/space]


Fixed problems with fullscreen and borderless fullscreen modes

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