Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.6

Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.6


International Children’s Day

We have started a special offer to commemorate the International Children’s Day in Star Conflict!

You have to help a weaker pilot in battle. Special offer terms:

You have to be in a squad with a player whose skill rating is 300 pts. lower than yours.

Your squad has to win a battle in any of our game modes:

- PvP

- PvE

- in Sector Conquest

All pilots that fulfil the requirements will receive a special achievement and title ‘Child Protector’



We are continuing work on game balance in this update

Pulse Laser

Pulse Laser used to be an interceptor’s weak spot. We decided to fix this:

Time to overheat increased by 2 sec

Weapon damage increased by 10%

‘Eclipse Launcher’

Damage reduced by 5%

Maximum and optimum range reduced by 500 m

Plasma Gun

Maximum and optimum range reduced by 750 m

RF Blaster

Maximum and optimum range increased by 150 m

Time to overheat increased by 2 sec

Singularity Projector

Critical damage bonus reduced to 50%

Assault Railgun

Spread increased from 1,4 to 2 degrees

Critical hit chance increased from 7% to 20%

Shrapnel Cannon

Damage increased by 15%

Rate of fire reduced by 15%

Projectile speed increased by 5%

Spread is now 4 degrees

Beam Cannon

Maximum and optimum range increased by 5%

Vanadium Shells

Spread increase reduced from 50% to 33%

Curved Reflector

Range reduction lowered from 54% to 33%


Projectile speed reduction lowered from 42% to 33%


Game modes

Team Battle

Scientific and exploratory expeditions advance further into the depths of the most dangerous space sectors.

Expedition ships locate many artifacts of Alien nature. Most of these artifacts are deposited in top-secret research centers of the Empire, Federation and Jericho.

But the mysterious depths of space continue to surprise, and deaths of expedition ships are not so rare. Perhaps this is explained by the fact that in recent years in space there have been more and more strange artifacts that look like the creation of human hands, but with very strange properties.

Below we list the most common artifacts and their properties:

_ Destroyer _

Increases weapon damage by 50%

Lasts 13 seconds

_ Cocoon _

Temporary Invulnerability

Lasts 7 seconds

_ Neocube _

Repairs hull by 3000 pts. in 3 seconds

_ Spur _

Increases ship speed by 50%

Lasts 45 seconds

Does not affect Adaptive Shield activation threshold

Notes on artifacts:

Once activated, an artifact affects the whole team

If the ship that activated an artifact is destroyed, the effect is removed

PvE missions

‘Blackwood’ Shipyard

Boss’s second reinforcements wave appears closer to the boss

Added more ships to reinforcements waves



Ancient Ruins

Changed beacon positions

All beacons are now equally visible to teams

Valid for Control and Beacon Hunt



Combat Recon

A captain is now chosen from top three most skilled pilots


Bundles now check warehouse size upon purchase and suggest its expansion


Added new in-corporate leaderboard: Influence

Shows how much influence each pilot brings to the corporation


Bug fixes


Improved game client stability

Removed invisible item on Fallen Dreadnought

Fixed several physics bugs

Fixed a bug with quick beacon capture in Crimson Haze

Fixed textures on several ships

Fixed a bug with contracts progress

Fixed a bug with missing animations

Fixed a bug with Custom Battles always appearing in Russian region

Fixed a bug with corporate ratings displaying pilots not in the corporation


Fixed a bug with Tech Support button

Fixed wrong resolutions for multi-monitor systems

Fixed a bug with inability to copy an invite-key

Fixed broken links in mail messages

Fixed bugs with Russian keyboard


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