Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.5

Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.5

Abandoned Outpost
Removed gates on beacon-beacon routes
All routes go through the centre of the map

Weekly leaderboards
Weekly leaderboards now only include pilots participating in T4 battles or higher
Reaching a TOP-10 spot in a weekly leaderboard now awards a special achievement ‘Cream of the Crop’
Reworked “Skirmish (PvP)” window. Now, regardless of the ships chosen for launch:
You see all the available maps
You see all the available game modes

Voice chat
You no longer hear your ignored pilots in voice chat
You can now start ignoring pilots in battle
You can now select a microphone
You can now tune microphone volume
You can now tune game sounds volume in microphone settings
You can now test your microphone

Bug fixes
Improved Engineering Matrix description
Fixed wrong message placement with closed chat
Fixed a bug with corporation roster refresh
Fixed several text strings
Fixed typos
Fixed hangar notifications display in battle
Fixed RMB behaviour in corporation list
Fixed a number of Hangar decorations
Fixed wrong achievement score count
Fixed a bug with Emergency Shield scaling
Fixed the Suggest Translation function
Steam OS
Fixed game crash on PvE launch

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