Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.4

Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.4

You can now buy bundles of useful items at amazing discounted prices!
You can buy bundles in the Armory.
Bundles contain:

  • 3 Premium ships of one side of conflict and tech level
  • Unque aerography with glow effect that can be installed on any of your ships


  • If you already have some ships from the bundle, the bundle price will be discounted even further!
  • If you ahve all the ships from the bundle, you can still receive aerography it provides

A new premium Jericho ship is now available to all pilots — Sawtooth
Class: Fighter
Role: Tackler
Tech level: 4
Rank: 11

Squad balance
For each 2-pilot squad in one of the team, there is a 2-pilot squad in the opposing team

Reworked leaderboards window
The window now has three tabs: ‘Pilots’, ‘Corporations’, ‘Weekly’
Each tab holds several leaderboards
Reorganised effectiveness leaderboards
Effectiveness leaderboards are now divided into PvP and PvE
Added weekly leaderboards
The pilots occupying the top three spots at the end of the week receive rewards
1st place: 400 GS
2nd place: 200 GS
3rd place: 100 GS
Added new leaderboards:
- Achievement points
- Ships downed per battle
- Total downed per week
- Max. PvP effectiveness per week
- Max. PvE effectiveness per week
Added corporate leaderboards
They can be found in the corporation window
- Total PvP effectiveness in corporation
- Total PvE effectiveness in corporation

Team Battle
The number of points now depends on team size
Added new voice lines

Bug fixes
Improved texts
Fixed a bug with being unable to join Custom Battle
Fixed bugs in Hangar graphics
Fixed bugs in texture display
Minor Hangar fixes
You can no longer switch combat slots during a Preview session in the hangar

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