Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.3

Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.3


Coil Mortar
Experience of using a weapon with exploding shells showed that it turned out quite controversial. On the one hand, the possibility of dealing damage without direct hits on target provides ease of use of this weapon. On the other hand, the weapon turned out lacking efficiency.
We decided to make it demanding towards firing accuracy, while increasing the probability of a direct hit on the target. In addition, a significantly increased blast radius will make it a serious threat to ship clusters .
Now has a fixed spread value of 1 degree
Detonation radius reduced to 75 m
Explosion radius increased to 200 m
Projectile speed increased by 23%
Fire rate increased by 10%
Optimal and maximum range increased by 10%
RF Blaster
We decided to increase the effectiveness of this weapon against moving small targets — enemy interceptors.
Time to reach maximum spread increased by 50%
Projectile speed increased by 30%
Pulse Laser
Optimal and maximum range increased by 15%
Shrapnel Cannon
Practice has shown that this is very dangerous weapon in the hands of an experienced pilot. However, rookies can not adequately reveal the potential of this gun.
So we decided to make it more attractive for all pilots. Changes will make it more comfortable but also leave the damage done per minute at the same level.
Now has a fixed spread value of 5 degrees
Fire rate increased by 33%
Damage reduced by 25%
Ion EMitter
Optimal and maximum range increased by 10%
Beam Cannon
Optimal and maximum range increased by 15%
Heavy Blaster
We decided to increase the efficiency of the heavy blaster against heavily armored targets.
Damage increased by 10%
Assault Railgun
Projectile speed increased by 10%

After examining the performance statistics for the application of different types of ammunition, we concluded that some of the ammunition is too powerful. This not only makes the alternatives less used, but also leads to excessively high efficiency of some guns. Therefore, the effectiveness of some ammunition was reduced.
Uranium charges
Projectile speed boost is now at 23%
Now also reduce damage by 10%
Flat Deflector
Range bonus reduced to 15%

Ship redesign

Game controller support
You can now use joysticks or other devices with DInput or XInput support.
You can enable and set up the device in ‘Key bindings’
Supports USB gamepads Microsoft Xbox 360 CONTROLLER
These gamepads have default axis and button settings that can’t be changed
WIred USB gamepads Microsoft Xbox 360 CONTROLLER can be set up as DInput devices
XInput devices have the basic ship control scheme enforced
Supports all DInput devices: gamepads, joysticks
DInput devices need axis and button setup
Button are assigned in Key Bindings
Axes are assigned in joystick settings window
DInput devices have the Expert ship control scheme enforced

You can again move to hangars of other sides.
A fee is charged
Transfer costs 100 GS
Added bonus display on [LAUNCH] button
Improved poll window
You can now add pilots to social lists in battle
- invite to friends list
- add to ignored list
- add to followed list
Improved sounds in PvE missions

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug that blocked battle creation
Fixed text errors
Fixed rare bugs leading to server crashes
Fixed a rare bug with contract progress display
Fixed a bug that could occur if you had no keys assigned to an action[/space]
Fixed minor HUD asymmetry
Fixed a bug with ship rotation not working while using Oculus Rift

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