Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.2

Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.2

New Jericho Premium ship Blood Tormentor
Class: Frigate
Role: Guard
Tech level: 3
Rank: 9

Team Battle
Now also on Iridium Strand
Tuned game mode settings for all maps
Adapted the HUD
Adapted the debriefing screen
Total amount of points reduced to 30

Battle debriefing
Added a 5 second delay before transitioning to hangar
Added a separate tab for friends you invited to the game
The tab shows the number of Galactic Standards purchased by your friends
Renamed warehouse into Armory
Tuned PvE difficulty

New exclusive track for the Team Battle mode
Added English voiceover
For PvE missions and hangar

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug with completion of several missions
Clarified Steam connection error text
Fixed chat text display error
Improved game servers stability
Fixed warehouse view persistence
Fixed incorrect ‘return to battle’ suggestion
Fixed a number of texts

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