Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.1

Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.1

Game modes
Added a new game mode: Team Battle
In this mode you have to destroy enemy ships to win.
Each team has 50 points at the start
The first team to reach 0 points loses the battle
Each lost ship removes 1 point from the total
You can launch again 7 seconds after your last launch


Plasma Gun
Stats have shown that this weapon is not good enough against ships with strongs hulls: damage is too low and it’s too hard to hit the target. This is what we’ve done to alleviate the problem:
Projectile speed increased by 20%
Spread reduced by 30%
Damage increased by 10%

Beam Cannon
This weapon’s feature is the necessity to always keep the target in your reticle, which is quite difficult. Very often, this cannon just doesn’t have enough time to deal damage. With this in mind, we have increased the weapon’s damage:
Damage Increased by 10%
Critical damage now stands at 120% from normal damage

Heavy Blaster
Pilots armed with Heavy Blasters found it hard to fight with smaller and faster targets. We have modified this weapon:
Damage reduced by 25%
Removed barrel slowdown
Implemented dynamic spread
Spread continuously grows
Initial spread stands at 1 degree
Maximum spread stands at 3 degrees
Time to reach maximum spread equals 5 seconds

According to pilot feedback, some weapons were still not good enough:
Assault Railgun
Spread reduced by 30%

Singularity Cannon
Projectile speed increased by 20%
Coil Mortar
Projectile explosion radius increased by 50%, from 100 to 150 metres
Damage increased by 10%
Pulse Laser
Spread reduced from 2.3 to 1.8 degrees

The number of long-range ships has significantly grown over the past weeks. Besides, long-range ships are rather hard to reach at beginner ranks.
With this in mind, we have weakened long-range ships:
For Т1 range has been reduced from 12000 to 8500 metres
For Т2 range has been reduced from 12000 to 9500 metres
Projectile speed for all levels reduced by 5%
Guided Torpedo
For Т2 range has been reduced from 10000 to 8000 метров
For all levels explosion damage reduced by 9%, radiation damage reduced by 9%

We have also implemented the following balancing changes based on the collected statistics:
Ship modifiers

Target Tracking Coprocessor
Critical damage value bonus increased by 14%
Enhanced Scanner
Now also increases critical hit chance
Collision COmpensator
Ship rotation speed bonus reduced by 33%
Galvanized Armor
Damage resistance bonus reduced by 8%
Improved Pylons
Missile reloading speed-up increased by 400%
Armor-Plated Hull
Speed reduction increased by 23%
Lightweight Hull
Hull strength penalty reduced by 50%
Passive Armor
Energy production boost increased by 20%
‘Horizon’ System
Firing range boost reduced by 17%
Energy Recuperation System
Portion of damage turned into energy increased by 100%
Damage resistance boost increased by 9%
Submatter Shield
Speed boost increased by 50%
Variative Shield Projector
Resistance boost increased by 10%
Infrared Scanner
Critical hit chance boost reduced by 13%
Capacitor Power Relay
Energy production boost increased by 14%
Power Unit Conduit
Maximum speed boost increased by 40%
Compact Shield Generator
Shield charge penalty reduced by 50%
Auxiliary Generator
Afterburners energy consumption penalty reduced by 40%

Active modules

Long-Range ships: IR Pulsar
Active time increased by 150%
Tacklers: Guard Drone
Energy consumption reduced by 34%
Damage increased by 15%
Range increased by 15%
Projectile speed increased by 33%
Aiming time increased by 45%
Survival modules: IR Traps
Cooldown time reduced by 44%
Recon: Spy Drone Container
Range increased by 78%

We receive many complaints about rank 1 implants. This is why we decided to weaken one of them:
Neurocontroller ‘Armadillo’
Explosion damage reduction changed from 30% to 15%

Booster Circuit
Projectile speed boost reduced from 35% to 20%

Squad balance
A squad with 3 pilots can be balanced with a 4-pilot squad and vice versa
Both squads have to be equal in power
A 2-pilot squad can be balanced with a single pilot
The total number of pilots in teams is always equal
New captain pick rules in ‘Combat Recon’
The captain is chosen randomly from the 3 strongest pilots
‘Total Battles’ changed to ‘Total PvP Battles’
Added a string for ‘Total PvE Battles’
A closed chat window now shows various messages:
Private messages
Squad and wing messages
System messages
Corporation messages
You can send private messages with a closed chat window
To do this, right-click the pilot’s name
With a closed chat window, only the messages received after closing it are visible
You can now see the name of the pilot using voice chat

Bug fixes
Improved contract descriptions
Fixed friend status display
Fixed a text error in battle search interface
Fixed a bug with persistent customization items that you didn’t own
Fixed not being able to bring up the ESC-menu
Fixed a bug with persistent active chat in battle
Fixed a bug with losing game focus on launch
Fixed a number of texts
Optimised game traffic
Improved specials display

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