Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.0

Star Conflict OBT v.0.10.0

Linux family OS support

Now Star Conflict supports the following Linux versions:

Ubuntu, starting ver. 13.04

Steam OS

Linux-client will be availible through Steam starting April 3rd, 2014

Oculus Rift

We are happy to please all our tech-savvy players with the news that Star Conflict now supports Oculus Rift!

Our pilots can finally feel the true scale of infinite space!

Added Oculus Rift support

The device is supported on all platforms

HUD has been adapted for the device

Switching to Oculus Rift mode does not require a game restart

You can change the mode by pressing [scroll Lock]

You can switch at any moment — there’s no need to sit in the helmet between battles!

To significantly improve picture quality, you can enable supersampling in Oculus options


Increased credit gains

Premium Т1 ships profitability increased from 20% to 50%

Standard ships of ranks 1 and 2 are now 100% more profitable

Reduced prices on a number of ships

Rank 2: price reduced from 90’000 to 70’000 credits

Rank 3: price reduced from 220’000 to 180’000 credits

Rank 4: price reduced from 500’000 to 350’000 credits


Ship reconstruction

In PvE the ship is now reconstructed in the same spot it was destroyed

Domination and Beacon Hunt game modes

Versions 0.9.x and earlier displayed control points in percentages

Versions 0.10.0 and later will display control points in numbers

Improved game mode description


The pilot can now choose the default mini-map: radar or mini-map proper

This option can be toggled in HUD Settings

The function is not bound to any key by default


Improved the ‘Fallen Dreadnought’ battleground

Improvements are based on supertest and live server players’ feedback

Changed beacon positions

Improved map centre configuration

Removed asteroids of dubious usefulness

Added new routes for flanking

Corporate logos

Added a new batch of corporate logos drawn by the pilots

We’d like to remind you that [any corporation can draw their own unique logo](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22197-topic-for-submitting-corporation-logos)


Information on specials

You can now use a dedicated Hangar section to learn about ongoing specials

Increased maximum storage size

The warehouse now has the maximum size of 1500 slots

Those who previously purchased DLC packs with maximum storage size will automatically receive the maximum size storage

Server options

Some options are now only available when you enter the game

This options have been moved to the ‘Server options’ section

Changes in autorepairs and autoreplenishment

Both options are now applied to all of your ships

Both options are enabled by default

Autorepair and autorefill options can now be changed only when you are logged in

After your first login with 0.10.0 the update, you will be asked about the option you want to go with

The options can be found in game settings

You can only toggle these options after entering the game

Improved hangar view

For hangars of all sides of conflict

Bug fixes

Fixed static warp gate behaviour

Fixed a bug with trophy search in PvE

Fixed a bug with launching Guard Drones from ‘Bear’ ships

Improved a number of graphical effects

Improved a number of battlegrounds

Balance tweaks in several PvE missions

Fixed a bug with unloading ammo while switching weapons

Fixed minor bugs in PvE mission “Operation Crimson Haze”

Fixed exit point offset when using static warp gates

Improved corporation influence leaderboard

Improved several battlegrounds

Fixed several text strings

Improved a number of achievement icons

Fixed a bug with incorrect post-battle statistics

Renamed a number of trophies

Fixed a bug with multiple synergy rewards for the same enemy

Engine trace can now be seen from about 10 km away

Improved discount display in Ship Tree

Improved specials display in Hangar

Improved camera in Hangar

Improved graphical effects in Hangar

Fixed a bug that demanded for a license while during wing creation

Improved minimap display: allied pilots now always appear on the left

[Update discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22815-star-conflict-obt-v0100-discussion/)