Star Conflict Lore (Survey)


Pilots of Star Conflict! According to unstable situation in the central metropolitan, Historic EMC Department decided to create an archive and structuring all available information to protect it and to exclude the possibility of sabotage or compromising data.

In this regard, the special survey was created. EMC needs your help, mercenaries!

Sincerely, EMC CEO.
Letter from 25.01.4027

Google Form Survey

Google form survey link is broken

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It would be good if the game included more story lines from that lore.
Also, one Tkarga once in half a year is not enough. The history of Star Conflict is huge:
and that is only one fifth of the Google translated Russian version (and it has to be proofread and corrected by experienced translators).
PS that Wiki gives an answer to how the pilots reincarnate in new bodies after they get killed in battles (they are NOT taken back to the station on a beam), it’s about cloning human bodies. And, please, write more of that lore, some new pages in the history of the game world.