Star Conflict - long time no see

Soo I’m a newb player that hasn’t played Star Conflict in a looong while. But recently I had hankering for some space laser ballet and I started it up again. One thing I noticed immediately is that there has been some sort of change to the controls. Before when I played, you would move the guncursor and the ship would try to realign it’s nose to the cursor. If you put your cursor away from the center and didn’t move it the ship would eventually settle to that course. As such it had controls similar to Warthunder and that made aiming at fast moving enemies simple.

Now when I loaded up I noticed at once that I had to fight my ship to keep the sights on  target. Some experimentation later and I figured out that now that if your cursor is not in the center of the screen, the ship will continue to turn, FOREVER and as such mouse is no longer in mouseaim mode but is behaving like a joystick. This has made hitting targets almost impossible since the gunsights NEVER stay pointed at the same spot unless it’s straight ahead. I might get used to them after time, but is there a way to bring back the way controls worked?


Also, is it me or is playerbase MUCH smaller since the couple of battles I played last night were REALLY small. One even was 4 vs 4.

Welcome back!

Depending on timezone, there can be there few players. But with release this year, there might come a large amount of players.


And you could go into settings > Game and then Ship Control Mode, set it from “Basic” to “Expert”. This might return it back to how you remember it, but no certainty. 

I don’t thin it’ll matter, since from what I was able to find out the only difference is that Expert forces you to look only forward and thus doesn’t allow you to fire back at the enemies on your tail.

Perhaps what you are looking for is the setting called “Auto-Alignment”? Having it unchecked allows you to turn your camera and aim faster than your ship can manoeuvre.

Also, is it me or is playerbase MUCH smaller since the couple of battles I played last night were REALLY small. One even was 4 vs 4.

This is partially true. The playerbase (in pure numbers) is a lot larger but the average time of a lot of veteran players in the game has dropped. A lot of players are on a break or sitting on the fence following recent patches.

Release should see a sharp increase in numbers, but only time will tell if those numbers stay high or if it drops rapidly afterwards. There are a number of things the devs need to do prior to release to make this a success, whether or not this will actually occur remains to be seen. Fingers crossed - we all love this game (else we wouldn’t be here) and want it to succeed.

A few months ago they made “adjustments” to the camera.


As in you can’t zoom out very far, nor can you use what used to be your control key to see behind you.


That’s when I completely gave up on the game.