Star Conflict League: Pirate Baron is looking for mercenaries


**The famous pirate Baron decided to restore order in ‘his’ corner of the universe. He ordered the Broker to assemble the best of the best mercenaries in fringe sectors.**

‘While the monopolies cover their own backs, and the military chase green rocks, we responsible citizens have to take matters into their own hands and ensure the security of our trade routes!’ — says the Baron’s appeal.


For you, this means the prospect of joining a venture with the Baron and receive a percentage of profits from the trade routes. However, first you need to confirm your status as a ‘worthy’ fighter. Baron will hold the first draw of trade routes among the top teams in a week. Look out for announcements!

New tasks are now available to you: ‘Trade route protection’. Trusted Baron’s mercenaries, by announcing your wish to join the pirate dozen, you get rights for a share of trade caravan profit. Yet, as it always has been, rights always bring responsibility with them. The Baron summons you to join trade caravan protection.

Objective: Take part in 3 battles in SCL.

Once the Baron starts to draw trade routes, the owner should protect them from attacks — ‘Show of Power’. You have been chosen by the Baron as the best of the best. However, a pirate’s share is hard since every day someone aims to take your place. Baron requires proof that you are worthy of your place of the ‘pirate dozen’.

Objective: Win 2 battles in SCL.

Every pilot performing tasks will be generously rewarded by the Baron. With a premium license (and auras from different DLC) each pilot who seizes a trade route will have a daily opportunity to get to 9 monocrystals and more than 50,000 loyalty of a random faction, as well as tax on the trade routes set by the Baron.

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