Star Conflict League Mode - apply your participation here

Current Star Conflict Leagues are a joke. You can’t find any matches most of the time, because nobody plays and before there was only 1-2 active teams playing.

We have been waiting for days now to queue and we waited for 45 minutes or over 1 hour. All in vain.


I have decided, that it would be best, to apply my own participation here with my team, so that players don’t queue and wait for nothing or refuse to do it at all.



By default, there should be a notification counter, which would display the number of active teams in Leagues, but no, there is no such thing now.

Even with 0 teams, the timer still counts, like that there is a team waiting… brilliant programming…


League Team: Lustful Monarchs

Date: 12th of May (today)

Time: 21:00 UTC +1


It’s good to have up to 9 people in your rooster, just in case, if some are offline. Team Leader should always confirm.

Information needed are simple: Just date and time. That’s all.

Check 30 minutes here, before the start, in case if I edited something, etc.



If you post and I confirm your participation, I will reply here.

We need teams to play against with.



Happy hunting!

Nobody cares about leagues: 

National Aeronauts may be able to play against you on weekends. I’ll text my members/message them to arrange this.

This might be able to start next weekend.