Star Conflict Killboard [v1.0.17]

The Open Space Killboard project started in feb 2016 and is now close to be fully released :

The Killboard includes the following :

This will be needed for a fully functional public release :

  • Search form : To be able to search and find a players / corporations and show the stats / kill / loss page. (now live in v1.0.17)
  • Redacted kill zone for 1h time : The zone will be *redacted* during 1h to prevent any use of the killboard as a tool to know who is in openspace and where.

For now as it was decided from the start the KB is restricted to my corporation only during the development. Since it’s close to be completed I will soon bring it to a public domain and will be available to everyone for use and upload your combats logs to add your kills / loss in the OpenSpace. With this public version, the design will be also rewritten and improved. At the moment the design sticks on the FrogSwarm chart, but will be more related to zkillboard as reference since it’s sober and less aggressive for the eyes.




 [v1.0.17] in production

Added: Search form to find any corporation or pilots in the killboard.


Very nice tool! I like it!


But there is something that is not impartial:


22:04:29.013  CMBT   | ======= Connect to game session 176093663896, zoneId 134 =======
22:04:36.308  CMBT   | Spawn SpaceShip for player1 (Scyther, #1808695). ‘Ship_Race5_M_ATTACK_Rank15’
22:04:36.334  CMBT   | Spawn SpaceShip for player9 (ItalianBadBoy, #1393113). ‘Ship_Race5_M_ATTACK_Rank15_9’
22:04:36.345  CMBT   | Set relationship Police-Player1 to ENEMY
22:04:37.544  CMBT   | ======= Start gameplay ‘FreeSpace’ map ‘jericho_isid_station_03’, local client team 25 =======
22:04:41.932  CMBT   | Set relationship Player1-Player9 to ENEMY
22:04:52.994  CMBT   | Killed Scyther     Ship_Race5_M_ATTACK_Rank15|0000000691;     killer ItalianBadBoy|0000000722
22:04:52.994  CMBT   |    Participant    ItalianBadBoy     Ship_Race5_M_ATTACK_Rank15_9         totalDamage 20510.62; mostDamageWith ‘Weapon_CrystalBuckshotGun_T5_Epic’; <debuff>


Silmerias your corp members are little unfair apparently