Star Conflict - Invasion

Yo, just made a  video, what d’ya think?


Beautiful… probably one of the best videos I’ve seen done on Star Conflict, just well done.

Cool, I like it.

But in my opinion, it’d be even cooler with a kind of transition between 2 ships.

Like when an object hide the camera. Or the camera that rotate progressively from one angle to another.

But it’d require a lot more work I guess.

The main reason is because it becomes boring after a few moment. Always the same thing.

Make ships explode around you, collisions, I don’t know. :smiley:

Yo, just made a  video, what d’ya think?


Awesome! Music is charming :00555:

The first part of the vid is kinda long (but looks cool), you could keybind pitch keys to make your ship rotate while keeping free look, that would refresh a lot this part. The rest is great.

About the music: seems you and someone else recorded it somehow, the audio quality is nice, although the drum snare and toms dont sound well (timbre). Also idk if its my speakers, but i could barely hear the bass in the first part of the video (way too low pitched), perhaps playing that part 1 eighth up would be ok. The coordination between music and video shots are great, also the feeling the music provides has a lot of synergy with the images…great mix there.

Thanks! This was the first time I’ve ever touched a video editor :slight_smile: And this band is somewhat not so well-known underground guys, God knows how they record their music.