Star Conflict Evolution Thar'Ga Live Broadcast!

Pilots! Be the first to witness Star Conflict Evolution! Ellydium Fighter Thar’Ga is ready to reveal its secrets! Watch live broadcast Today at 14:00 UTC  on Star Conflict Twitch Channel!


The ship ‘Thar’ga’ became one of Ellydium’s major breakthroughs. Experiments showed that crystal growth can be controlled, resulting it more than a hundred different versions of the ship for various needs. Such a dangerous and powerful technology, coupled with advanced ‘Ellydium’ projects makes ‘Thar’ga’ one of the strongest weapons of war, and the corporation paid a terrible price for it with the tragedy in block RG7 of station ‘Ellydium Theta’.

How to build Thar’Ga in Star Conflict? [Build a cabin first!](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/32201-stage-1-gathering-unique-resources-for-future-alien-ship-assembly/)


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