Star Conflict. Event timeline



Pilots! The UMC department of historical research presents a special interactive diagram which chronicles the events in our world.


The diagram shows a chronological sequence of events that have occurred in the world from the emergence of the Signal to the present day. All data was recovered using materials that survived the Alien invasion.

Thank you for this really good job. The material is fun to read and the design is comfortable. Thank you. I asked for it some time ago.  P.S. Good translator. ![:014:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/014.png “:014:”) P.S.S. When I was trying to upload a picture, the forum said that ’ Accepted file types jpg, bmp, png, gif, clog, zip, rar, 7z, '. You do know that nowadays .jpeg is very wide spread, right?


Hello, Star Conflict! It is time to add something exciting into the game! You have improved Open Space by introducing chips, and the mining feels great, you have added many new ships which adds more surprises into gameplay, and you have finally added the rank 17 dreadnoughts, and you are adding new ships to keep the player base engaged and online.
However, what about even more fundamental changes? How about adding a friendly Alien species and then fighting together against the Crystallids? How about finding the source of the Signal? Here is a possible scenario:
introduce new aliens which you spolilered on the Timeline page

(Fusion of Crystallids and biones!)