Star Conflict "Duality" 2x2 Tournament!



Star Conflict “Duality I” 2x2 Tournament

Team Deathmatch - Eastern Mining Station, The Source, Sanctuary, Devil’s Jaw, Monolith Remains, Dreadnought Debris
Games commence on Saturday, 25 February 18:00 MSK (15:00 GMT)



  • Two pilots per team. Ship Ranks 13-15. Single round elimination.
  • Finals and game for 3rd place will be set in a best of 3. First team to 2 wins goes through.
  • All ‘Ellydium’ ships and Destroyers are forbidden.
  • ‘Thar’kth’ Cannon, Inhibitor Swarm and Missile Reload are forbidden.
  • 5 min lobby waiting time. If one team is not prepared, the team forfeits.
  • If there is a draw, both teams count at a loss.
  • Regulations must be accepted during registration.


1st Place - 120 Xenocrystals

2nd Place - 70 Xenocrystals

3rd Place - 30 Xenocrystals


Registration form open at: Registration Form
16 teams may register. Registration closes on Friday, 24 February 18:00 MSK. Brackets will be generated based on average pilot ratings.

Livestream available at: Sensei Shotan (YouTube)


Happy hunting!

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