Star Conflict does not work with Night Light

Hello. When I use my computer I always use Night Light because my eyes are very sensitive. However, when I start the game client, the screen becomes blue again. I need some help with this. This is as simple as it is - you start the game, and the Night Light mode does not work. Windows10.
When I close the game, the Night Light mode works, it comes back after I close the game. I play full screen.

Most windows functions are negated by the game because of a handful of people that were using alt+F4 to exit the game in a battle.


I really hate this a lot so much because I use the other windows functions a lot and I hate having to tab away from the game in order to do anything.

Not a bug, FullScreen is a special screen mode.

Try to play at windowed full screen mode.

Also, you can tweak Night Light in the Windows settings.