Star Conflict: Closed beta-test had started on the eve of World Cosmonautics Day

On the eve of World Cosmonautics Day Gaijin Entertainment is especially glad to announce the launch of the long awaited closed beta test for Star Conflict,an upcoming game developed by Star Gem, Inc that decided to present users with an in-game gift.

First warriors of the intergalactic battle gained an access to dozens of combat spaceships and hundreds of modules for their upgrade - the variety of available items and equipment will continuously increase to provide players with new surprising technologies, inventions, and skills.

Hurry up to write your name in chronicles of the Universe! Become a pilot of a combat spaceship, take part in a centuries-long war of intergalactic factions and fight for valuable artifacts of the ancient race named Precursors!

Brave warriors can register and apply on the official game site

PS:Freshly released second official video “Star Conflict – BetaLaunch Trailer

when are you guys sending out more beta keys been wait for months for one

I’ve not got mine either, been waiting with no word about it.

Everyone wiil be in ) sooner or later - just be patient.

The Game is Soooo AWESOME!!! with so much potential it blows my mind!!!

_ When _ _ you are thinking _ _ to put _ _ this game _ _ playable _

_ When _ _ you are thinking _ _ to put _ _ this game _ _ playable _

At the moment there isnt any date for the release so if you want to play it, you can try to get a place in beta;)

I didn’t receive beta test key :014j:

I didn’t receive beta test key :014j:

It may take some time until you recieve the beta invite.

cant wait for invite itchin to play

it’s so amazing!

Bonjour a tous et a toutes je n’arrive pas a jouer sur le Server comment puis-je faire pour pouvoir joué a ce jeux svp :slight_smile:

Cordialement Coortex