Star Conflict Artwork

Made it myself :slight_smile:


(just kidding) - I found this somewhere a long while ago. Today it popped up on my screensaver and I was like “wow that looks a lot like Star Conflict” - thought I’d share. :slight_smile:




cool man i cam across some like this the other day to but cant work out what game it was 

I’m pretty sure it comes from a video of what were eve online if it was with unreal engine 3


(this one i think 


No it’s done by an artist who goes by “Krzyzowiec”




Hi, it is pretty old thing, i made it few months ago… this is cover for Gemini Wars game but now was declined by publisher and im going to make another next version, so i can post it…



Just watched that youtube video you posted. That was really well done! I enjoyed watching it. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: