Star Conflict Approaches Sector “Beta”

_ Upcoming space-themed massively multiplayer action game enters closed beta test stage _

Gaijin Entertainment is announcing the approach of the Star Conflict closed beta test. Those interested in taking part to play and beta test this upcoming MMO space action game can sign up now, with the closed beta scheduled to start in the nearfuture. Star Conflict will release on PC later this year.

Developed by Star Gem Inc., Star Conflict will feature exciting, adrenaline-packed gameplay sure to satisfy fans of true space simulators as well as players of 3D action shooters.

Three thousand years have passed since the first colonists left Earth. In a remote corner of the galaxy, Sector 1337, the ruins of a great civilization of Precursors has been discovered—all that remained after a mysterious Cataclysm destroyed their entire world.

The potential risks don’t stop mankind. Without consideration for the danger, armies, mercenaries, and adventurers have flocked to the sector to sift through the ruins and loot its abandoned artifacts—and they’re prepared to fight to bring these treasures home.

This is where Star Conflict starts, with a fierce battle between the three main Factions the developers have created to represent their vision of humanity’s future. Later this year, players will choose their side, their combat roles, and their spaceships, and they will join their friends to fight Star Gem’s intergalactic conflict. But first, we invite anyone who would like to help the developers with the project and to be among the lucky few to play it early to apply for the beta test. Simply complete the form on the sign-up page of and perhaps you’ll be selected as one of the first-line elite.

To inspire you for the future intergalactic journeys and spaceship combat we’ve prepared for you a set of wallpapers with Star Conflict in-game Factions emblems and with stunning view of Precursors’ mothership ruins. Download them from here the Media section

Hey, great news and great wallpapers :slight_smile:

only a little question: i’ve filled the signup form in the past week (it appeared for a day, then disappeared :slight_smile: ) my subscription is ok, or i need to signup again?

Anyway, in this moment different clan mates are filling the signup form :slight_smile: all my friends are very happy of today news :fed002:



ok signed w8ing for invite :wink:



see you in space.

nice timing


Signed. Bring it on. ^^

tis I calling I. Signed and delivered

I signed up the day it popped up.

Signed up. Ready to rumble!


Only just managed to spot this upcoming game.

Love the sci-fi genre of games. Cant wait to help out :smiley:

Signed !

When I start playing ? :slight_smile:

See you guys !

Good luck to everyone that signed up. May we be chosen to test this awesome game.

Signed up and ready, looked at all the great ships and noticed…not a single freighter or transport. Most be just another pvp game, will wait and see.

Sounds good, bring it up we will test it :slight_smile:

Signed, can’t wait for it to start!

Signed up

Ive signed up for open BETA testing…

signed up to dozens before, but never have i wanted to test something as much as this!!

eta on the beta launch?, the short cut link to your website is starting to fray at the edges due to excessive use :015j: