Star Conflict Abridged Timeline


  •   Precursor signal reached Earth; Birth of ‘New Religion’



  •   Sol system colonized



  •   United Nations summit during Jupiter’s colonization



  •   Spiritual divide. ‘New Religion’ vs ‘Them’ on Earth



  •   Rise of Bartle

  •   ‘New Religion’ becomes Frontier Rebellion Movement

  •   ‘Them’ becomes Direktorium , formed by the United Nations



  •    Direktorium wins, Bartle flees

  •     Decree on Frontier , mass exile of billions of FRM followers into deep space on floating prisons



  •    Direktorium assumes government over Solar system



  •    Precursor signal disappears



  •    Inter-planetary Warp technology


3200 - 3400

  •     Golden Era of Direktorium

  •    Warp to nearby systems, perfect human cloning, superior implants, primitive alien life



  •    Frontier Rebellion Movement exiles return as Jericho , cruelly attacks Direktorium colonies using spaceships

  •    Jericho is led by Bartle


3479 - 3611

  •     First War begins in Sector Bartle where Jericho first reappeared



  •    Jericho outperforms Direktorium in battle, technology and governance



  •     Purity Revolt led by general from 4th Independent Mecha Brigade

  •    Successful coup of Direktorium by General

  •    Direktorium dissolves into The Empire

  •    General becomes Emperor

  •    Cult of the Emperor more fanatical than Jericho

  •    Imperial colonies becomes a war machine



  •    Empire subdues Jericho

  •    Emperor’s Executive Assembly bureaucracy allows Jericho room to retreat  

  •    Former Direktorium leaders executed for conspiring against the Emperor and his legitimacy to rule

  •    Rebellion on homeworlds of executed conspirators gain some military support throughout the Empire

  •    Emperor establishes the Warden Order as personal guards and galactic policing


3700 - 3900’s

  •    Civil War within the Empire

  •    Rebel planets unite to form the Free Worlds Federation

  •    Empire yielded to rising rebellions and recognizes the Federation as a socio-political entity



  •     Third War for Sector Bartle

  •    Empire renews war effort to end Jericho

  •     Techs , Jericho’s scientific caste deploys superior ships

  •    Jericho’s giant nomadic bases operating within Empire territory forces them to withdraw and defend



  •    Free World Federation elite Vanguards surgically severs Jericho’s Raid cities from their central command centers

  •    Disenfranchised Jericho raiding nomads attack both Empire and Federation

  •    Motivated by economy, larger Jericho raid families agree on armistice with Federation


4300 - 4500’s

  •    Fragile Peace

  •    Isolated Jericho raids

  •    Federation continues subversive rebellions on Empire worlds

  •    Empire continues colonization of new worlds



  •    Precursor signal and ruins found

  •    Vanguard intel indicates Bartle discovered them first

  •    Ancient civilization first found in Sector 1337 is named The Precursors



  •    Precursor station found in Troy system


4620 - 5120

  •    Possible current date






º added possible current date

º replaced 4th Separate MechWarrior Brigade with 4th Independent Mecha Brigade 

Useful, well done. Link to unabridged timeline for reference:

This one bothered me more than any other holes in the storyline


Declaring a state of emergency, the general seizes power, disbands Direktorium, and declares the foundation of the Empire. Then he renounces his name, becoming a faceless Emperor. The entire vast territory of the Empire begins to work for the war. Media tacitly accept a centralized program of propaganda. The answer to Jericho’s cruelty: doubled cruelty. As the Cult of the Emperor is cultivated, he proclaims himself a direct legacy of the Great Emperor of the Earth.


Who was this Great Emperor of the Earth ?


Direktorium loyalists who went back to Earth and found evidence contrary to the Emperor’s claims is ultimately the pretext to the formation of the modern Federation. Sketchy details on background story is ok but ambiguity on one that lays the foundation to a playable faction is rawr.

Here’s more:

We know the CD (current date) is post-4620.

And pre-5120.


No closer specifics, so we have 500 years to play with.


@Kine’s last post:

I don’t know any details but it reminds me of the Holders and Emperors from Eve in the Amarr Empire.


PS: did anyone in the fiction area (players) write down any dates they used?

I don’t know any details but it reminds me of the Holders and Emperors from Eve in the Amarr Empire.


reminds me of this too

We are at 4620? Why is the technology so poor for such a date? I mean. 2600 years from now and we only have some ships in space

We are at 4620? Why is the technology so poor for such a date? I mean. 2600 years from now and we only have some ships in space

The synergy grind slowed further advancement. :wink:


  •     Purity Revolt led by general from 4th Separate Mechwarrior Brigade


So first we have Senator Palpatine creating the Empire as we know it, and now we have Mechwarriors? MechWarrior is a trademarked brand. We need a different name for guys in big metal robot suits. And no, we can’t call them Hawken or Armored Core pilots.


Perhaps Mecha Troopers, or Ground Shakers, or Mecha Paladins, or Terra Stompers, or Ground Pounders.


P.S. Anyone else notice Sector 1337 means ‘Leet’ in geeky number language? And someone else once pointed out that T1 ships are over 2-millennia old according to this timeline. No wonder they can’t mount higher tier tech. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did notice the 1337, but I know it’s probably just devs having fun and getting it past their bosses.

This is the original name:
4-ой отдельной Машиноходной Бригады
Google Translator has trouble with these 2 words
Машиноходной  <— Mashinohodnoy on google @ Mechwarrior was used instead in the storyline
отдельной <— seperate on google; other synonyms include: Private, Single, Individual
Googling Mashinohodnoy turned up 2 nice links:

  1. Russian Warhammer 40k forums referenced Star Conflict’s storyline bitching about it
  2. Russian SCon community were talking about it since last yearинтергалатическая-война-слов/page-18
    I thought it’s Mechanized in English but it seems Russia have a word already for that so no clue …
    As for отдельной - I suspect Independent would be a closer fit if it means what I think it means so:
    4th Independent Mashinohodnoy Brigade

Машино = Machine


ходной = The Output on google so I searched images and got pictures of valves but also a few WWII tanks

“After the elimination of design and workmanship, machine was recommended to the adoption of the Red Army as a self-install the output to accompany the infantry and cavalry.”


Using other translators got me “Gentleman” and “Transition” instead of The Output.

Perhaps Mecha Troopers, or Ground Shakers, or Mecha Paladins, or Terra Stompers, or Ground Pounders.

Or Metal Trolls.


B*tchin’ about using given names that define something (not a company name for example or someone’s name, but for an object or something new which was referred to like that) is just plain stupid, selfish and people like that deserve a falcon punch in the jaw (several times). It’s like we wouldn’t be allowed to call pizza ‘pizza’ outside Italy or the French really f*cked it at this section - they’ve trademarked ‘champagne’ and you have to call it ‘sparkling wine’ anywhere else in the world… one of them ‘OMGWTF!’ moments… and you wonder why Awg and wA are so bad in pvp, they’re probably trying to create some flight moves to trademark too lol!

for me - I’m not even sure if Mechwarrior is even an accurate translation
[edit] - Kostyan helped out with translation

Hey, yeah i can read russian, if i understand you correctly you need a help with :
“4-ой отдельной Машиноходной Бригады”?


you almost go tit right there


4-ой -> 4th


отдельной -> independant


Машиноходной -> literally as Walking Machines, and everyone calls “walking” machines as Mechoso yeah you can use w/e synonym you can come up with for Mechos


Бригад ы  -> Brigad es  (as multiple or as an ownership of something, can’t say with no context)
so if it would be used as a regular name or title (with no other context)  than it looks like:


“4- ая  отдельн ая  Машиноходн ая  Бригад а


.I’ll settle for


4th Independent Mecha Brigade


Mecha; using Astraal’s argument, is pizza and champagne for walking machines while MechWarrior has nothing to do with it. MWO wiki states that mechwarriors are the Mecha’s pilots and not the machines themselves which in this context refers to the machine and not the man.



So… What about T5 ships? Are they based on precursor technology or just normal human advancement? If so, do they have precursor tech that has been adapted to them or have engineers reverse engineered precursor tech and applied the principles to T5 ships?

Well, if they use Prec tech, they should be fueled by micro-star reactors.

I think it’s based on ‘human advancements’. Adding some Prec stuff will make them a few (or more) times stronger, but they get a little +% only.

As far as i’m reading and understanding, that Bartle guy is scared of them and happy to have found them as well. The way the storyline is written an invasion would be fatal or nearly to all 3 factions at once. Obviously the first of the 3 factions to discover how to work with prec technology and how to put it in practical use would become OP. That’s however for stories only, if devs decide wether this happens in the game then all 3 factions will gain that ‘something’ with infused prec technology so it wouldn’t become a one-sided game. To make the best of it they could add it in the sector conquest that each owned prec sector gives bonuses to people sided with a certain faction. Kind of (*cough* - ahem, just like…) Planetside 2 resources and bonuses or the ability to mine and craft in RF online. Having 3 warring factions opens lots of more opportunities than the classical 2 which is just a major bust up.


PS: it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to develop more complex battle mechanics while keeping gameplay simple. Basically add some tactical elements that you can find in TBSs (more than RTSs).

Need more details…

This will prove to be very useful for me.

So what is the distinction between the different sub-factions?


We have:








Are the Raid, Armada, and Legion sub-factions like commando units compared to the regular navy, while the Techs, Vanguard, and Wardens are like Spec/BlackOps?


Or do some sub-factions have a unique purpose?


Techs=Top Secret Research and Development


Wardens=Elite Guards/Military Police


Vanguard=Black Operations/Espionage


According to the official timeline, it was the Vanguard that was responsible for stopping the Raid invasion. So that would suggest their main purpose is to take high risk/high secrecy missions.


The Wardens are outright labeled as the Emperor’s personal guards and the Empire’s police force.


The Techs are only mentioned to have superior ships, which suggests they are the R&D department of Jericho.



Ok, thinking while I type.


Thus far it would seem the regular Navy for the Jericho, Empire, and Federation don’t have a special title. They are just grunts, and thus fly grunt ships.


The Raid , Legion , and Armada are the Elite military units that focus on increased offensive capability, possibly comparable to Marines. Ex: Raid siege cities.


The Techs, Wardens, and Vanguard are all unique in their role according to their civilization’s needs.


The Techs are the R&D department of Jericho, providing the advanced technology needed to wipe out the Federation and Empire’s superior numbers.


The Wardens are the Military Police of the Empire, protecting their citizens and Emperor from raids by the Jericho and from sneak attacks from the Federation.


The Vanguard are the Black Ops division of the Federation, attempting to find holes in the superior technology of the Jericho and exploit dissent among the citizens of the Empire.



Oh, and where do the Pirate factions fit into this?


We have the Federation-based Privateers and the Empire-based Shadows.


The Shadows were suggested to be under the employ of the Emperor himself, meaning they don’t attack Empire targets. It also would seem that Shadows ships are more technologically advanced than the Privateers, but more defensive in nature. Ex: Phoenix Engineer Frigate, Shark Command Fighter


The Privateers were suggested to be much more dependent on reputation than sponsorship. It also seems that Privateer ships are much more offensive in nature than Shadows ships. Ex: Reaper Guard Frigate, Joker Gunship Fighter



Privateers are very dangerous and skilled opponents, whose complicated lives led them to live the pirate way. Privateer engineers prefer to use Federation ships and turn them into incredibly efficient killing machines. However, not everyone can access the best modifications — respect in their environment is worth more than life itself. However, after the discovery of one of their bases, some of the Privateer ships hit the black market!



Shadows are one of the most well-organized pirate clans rumored to enjoy the support of the Emperor himself. Ready to run the most complex and «dirty» jobs, Shadows prefer Imperial technology, improved on their own secret shipyards. Their ships are fast, deadly and have a menacing appearance, demoralizing the enemy.


So in short, the Shadows are secretly funded by the Empire, have advanced defensive capabilities, run underhanded operations beyond simple piracy, and don’t attack Empire targets. So they’re more like a crime syndicate or mafia than pirates.


Meanwhile the Privateers are completely rogue, prone to infighting, highly skilled, and favor heavy offensive capability in their ships. They are straight-up pirates who operate on a code of honor.


Have these groups been around longer than just when they were introduced to the game, and if so, what have they been doing in secrecy?