Star Conflict 4th Birthday

On February 1 our game world turns 4 years and we are very happy to celebrate the anniversary with you!




Special anniversary offer:

To celebrate, we’re launching a special offer for the weekend and the game’s birthday:

  • x5 first victory bonus
  • х2 synergy transfer rate


Preparing decorations


In honour of the game’s birthday we have prepared a gift — a special paint job that’s going to be available to all players. To get it you will need to go to the ‘Bundles’ tab’ and choose ‘Anniversary’.




Special festive missiles

Among other things we decided to launch fireworks in Fringe Sectors, of course, with your help. Now you can admire the fireworks in the game and thoroughly celebrate in various game modes. For the most distinguished, we have prepared a special achievement, which can be received only during the holiday.


Thank you for participating in community life that helped Star Conflict become what it is now. We thank you for these four years, filled with amazing events and exciting stories of space battles.


Celebrate Star Conflict’s birthday and stay with us!