Star Conflict - 3D Style Suggestions

Why not to make 3D styles for specific ships to make them look even more cool


Operation Earth


=Granite - Snow Dragon=


-Not even space is as cold as this continent, damn it. You know what? In the meantime, while you were looking for primary targets, me and the boys boosted our last 3 Granite ships that survived. We used all our creativity to show Crystallids what we humans can do on the Antarctica. The wing and tail of the ship is modified, and it looks like a dragon’s wing and tail, also the front of the ship now looks like a dragon’s head. Cool, isn’t it? And we also made you a few fun equipments from the scrap we got from the Recursor, like an ultra-freezer, a really effective smokescreen or an engine booster. I still can’t believe what we can do if we’re creative… and get bored, of course.

Additions (Color & Bonus Equipment on the ship)(ONLY DECORATIVE, NOT GIVING STATS BONUS)

-An Ice-like coloring

-Dragon-like wings and tail

-A Dragon-head like part of the front

-Boosted engine

-A smokescreen launcher

-plasma cannons on the hull (3 on the top, 2 at the bottom)

-metal thorns from the head to the tail


=Leonia - Gladiator=


-Our group successfully destroyed the ADS ships but we lost most of our mates. I thought I’d die either, if the King Nibelungs wouldn’t help, I wouldn’t be here now… To be honest, I still don’t know what I am doing on this infinite frozen land. Everything’s white nearby… The only thing that makes me know that I’m not dead yet is that I even see the green lights when aliens pass above our camp. Horrifying Creatures. In space we have to fight other factions, down there we have to fight aliens. I guess that’s our luck.

Additions (Color & Bonus Equipment on the ship)(ONLY DECORATIVE, NOT GIVING STATS BONUS)

-A black color with white, snow like spots

-Sharp blades on the wings and at the back of the ship

-2 autocannons built in the wings

-Razor circles around the engines

-armor plates around the cockpit and wings


=Peregrine - Arctic Seagull=


-Promise me that you won’t forget me if I die now. There’s no use of hoping that we’ll ever return. You know that we don’t know anything about this creature, and it may sink all our ships. Thinking of death in the cold water, while being surrounded by Crystallids and sea monsters… is so scary. And you, are you ready my friend? If we die, we die together. Only you and me. We have to work together, my Peregrine. It’s time. They call me. I hear them. The battle is near.

Additions (Color & Bonus Equipment on the ship)(ONLY DECORATIVE, NOT GIVING STATS BONUS)

-A white, feather like color.

-2 bombs under the wings

-Many bonus equipments on the ship hull.

-2 bonus engine in the middle of the wings