Star Conflict: 2020 in Review

Pilots, do you copy?
Star Conflict here. The New Year is close, which means it’s time to review what it’s been like for Star Conflict this year and create a short summary.



Thank you for being a part of this community and happy holidays to you, pilots. Star Conflict out… see you in space!

Here is small summary:

Farming loots here i mean weapons and modules, are not properly balanced between sectors, what i mean that some of sectors doesn’t have any loot, mobs doesn’t drop anything, and the question is “WHY”?


What is the point to conquer sector where pilots doesn’t go to farm loots and brought iridium for your corp?

Why some of sectors like Alien Zone, Inverter and PB-42 doesn’t drop any loot from aliens, what’s the point of that sectors?

Why almost 50% of all loots we farming only in several sectors, why that isn’t balanced between each sector?

I liked “A new threat” concept, fighting alien destroyer on OS, and also fighting enclave destroyers on OS with nice drops. 


I find Iridium containers way too expensive, they gave almost cheap things for a considerable amount of iridium, and it is hard to get Iridium on OS or anywhere as no alien destroyer and no container with Iridium bonus. Especially 1500 iridium container for 50 mono and some minerals is extremely expensive. 


In 2020, waiting time in queue was lower but there have been more bots, which reduced the quality of play time in return. Maybe more duel like fewer amount of players with no bots?

And I want more alien ships, more craftable unique ships with permanent opportunity, unlike Tornado which is only DLC now. 


Still, a nice game, it was way harder in times with different insignias for item upgrade, duplicators, no +15 ranks and no seed chips.