Star Conflict 1.9.4 (Discussion)


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M’kay - quick summary of bad simulator update 1.9.4


  • Joker is Rank 15, passive bonuses are powerful as all hell but the ship has poor slots and poor access thanks to being rank 15 - if you already had the ship then rejoice, otherwise stingray is better
    • Plasmer is also bugged and basically useless on a rotation brawler - a fix asap would be appreciated
    • Players who already owned the Joker didn’t receive the Plasmer or Thermal Repulsor, how nice
  • Mole addition is a band-aid and in typical Russian fashion, a product of stubborn acceptance… it’s 10,000 GS. Solid pass from me.
  • Key notes of quote en quote balance changes:
    • Thar’ga buffed three times, nerfed once
    • Coil mortar change does _nothing _to make it viable in current meta (who approved a range increase only)
    • Ze’ta buffed - swarms will chase for three seconds instead of one upon leaving valid chase range
    • Isotope Harvester buff - hitting one Destroyer with it will likely give half to 75% of your shield back now, lol
    • Mine network change - this was approved and implemented but the remote minelayer one which was  the same function  was denied. Neat.
    • Cluster Torpedo - because changing energy cost will do so much to stop the spam in PvP
    • Emperor nerf - now approaching an Emperor won’t get you killed instantly and gives reason to undock drones - use your brains you potatoes.
  • Map rotations added to brawls is pog
  • Copyright infringement is not pog


Cool, that out of the way - someone tell the developers to smack the test team because Plasmer is bugged on day one of R15 Joker.


So here we have the stats of both Plasmer versions. Take note of the spread, the first number is supposed to be spread before firing, the second is after firing.




So how did this happen?

Love the general balance update to mix things up a little, although the cloud swarm changes to help with speed balancer of all things made me giggle.

mole users that bought super ultra great dlc now need to pay extra for cpu modiffer??? realy???

i just hope next bug fix are able of fix this issue  1231231.gif.43dfdc50511f5e521cf86f5a8b3ad060.gif

| Error report |
| Describe problem and what you saw | small ships are unstable to flight |
| What you expected to see | my ship to fly where the cursor is, and no wobble around |
| Conditions in which error reproduce | “high” ping, but other classes have no issue with this |
| Problem details | any small ship, be it emc, interceptor or scout has issues when flighting to normally high ping of 200 and ahead, the system overcompensation for the ping is too sensitive and the ship goes crazy, aim is very hard duet this and the only way of fix this is hitting ctrl key to fix the aim, but these are small ships, move around its vital and this issue happens often duet that, all i ask is you guys to look what you could do about, im not the only one with this issue, i attatched a gif from a pilot with the same issue that i |
| Frequency of reproduction | frequent |
| Time of bug |   |


Okay so for the current list of confirmed ninja-changes and hotfix… stuff.


  1. Plasmer 17 has been fixed, the spread now decreases while firing as per the T3 equivalent.
  2. Alien Zone is once again available to undock to.
  3. The Halloween Vignette has been disabled.
  4. Tempest Launcher’s range has been increased to  7,000m (from 5,400m).


There is currently some inconsistency with ECM’s as I have noticed the  Stasis  module is no longer destroying deployable objects such as Attack drones, repair stations, guard drones and more.