Star Conflict 1.9.2a Close encounter



Pilots! The top managers of the “Sci Tech Universal” corporation announce the start of a new unique competition — fighting clashes at especially short distances on the specific ships. You can participate in the brawl for a limited time — from September 30 to October 20


Brawl “Close encounter”



The objective of the first team is to destroy 3 enemy navigation stations, the objective of the second team is to defend them during the game time. The stations are additionally protected by a special energy shield, which must be destroyed in advance, and then it is necessary to destroy the stations with a special bomb that appears near the spot where the first team appears. Only 1 bomb can exist simultaneously. The ship carrying a bomb can’t go at full speed. The number of flights is not limited. Be careful! Ships in this brawl can easily crash against any obstacle and even against the station’s energy shields!


  • At the start of the brawl, players will be able to choose ships specifically upgraded for battles
  • When the ship is destroyed, you can take it an unlimited number of times.


Players can receive new achievements for winning in the “Close encounter” mode:


  • For 5 victories you can get the “Centurion” achievement
  • For 10 victories you can get the “Legatus Legionis” achievement
  • For 40 victories you can get the “Legatus Augusti” achievement


Brawl schedule changes:



  • Monday — Beetle in the anthill
  • Tuesday — Combat recon
  • Wednesday — Beacon capture
  • Thursday — Last man standing
  • Friday — Close encounter
  • Saturday — Close encounter
  • Sunday — Close encounter

“Close encounter” brawl marathon

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Attention all pilots! The UMC received an emergency contract from the so-called Broker.


  • All mercenaries, who took places from 1 to 10 in the leaderboards recorded by UMC engineers on October 29, will get unique coverage “Trigonal movement”, 500 monocrystals and 1000 GS.
  • All pilots who took places from 11 to 25 in the leaderboards recorded by UMC engineers on October 29, will get unique coverage “Trigonal Movement” and 1000 GS.
  • All pilots who took places from 26 to 40 in the brawl leaderboards recorded by UMC engineers on October 29, will get unique coverage “Trigonal Movement” and 500 GS.

Special event “Tip of the spear”. Part 2


Only until October 20, 06:00 GMT, all pilots will be able to take part in a special event, during which they will be able to get special parts of the “Protazan” ship required to assemble it.


And a new stage for collecting the special game currency — Xenochips — opens from September 9 to October 20! For a limited time, special items in the in-game store can be bought with xenochips. You can only get xenochips by completing special challenges.


From September 30 to October 20, pilots will have access to the following bundles:


Imperial bundle:

  • Decor “Empire”
  • Portrait №116 “Major Typhoon”
  • Metallic Blue 1
  • Metallic Blue 2
  • Metallic Blue 3


Federal bundle

  • Decor “Federation”
  • Portrait №112 “Kay Jet”
  • Metallic purple 1
  • Metallic pink 1
  • Metallic pink 2


Jericho bundle

  • Decor “Jericho”
  • portrait №84 “Sister Edge”
  • “Metallic lavender 1”
  • “Metallic orange 1”
  • “Metallic red 1”


A set of special paints

  • Enclave protective coating
  • Green smoke
  • Lemon smoke
  • Turquoise smoke
  • Pixel camo
  • Sea


“Protazan ship cabin” pack

  • A set with a cabin for the “Protazan” ship
  • It becomes available for purchase after completing a series of challenges
  • The cost is 2000 xenochips


The bundles are available for purchase in the game store. Xenochips can be received as a reward for completing special tasks.

UMC and the Mendes family signed an agreement on the joint testing of the latest “Protazan” ship. Worthy candidates who complete the tasks will be the first to test the ship.

Special challenges for getting xenochips:

Initial selection

  • To complete it, you need to earn 400 effectiveness points in 3 team battles
  • Once this task is completed, other tasks become available:


Trial of Jericho

  • Performed once
  • You need to complete 35 “Proof of Courage”, “Proof of Honor ” or “Proof of Loyalty” tasks
  • As a reward, you are given access to purchasing a chest with the ship’s cabin
  • Until this quest is completed, there are other quests available:


Proof of courage

  • Available 22 hours after completion. Available until the Trial of Jericho task is completed
  • While piloting the Jericho ship of ranks 15-17, destroy 50 enemies in team battles.


Proof of honour

  • Available 22 hours after completion. Available until the Trial of Jericho task is completed
  • While piloting the Jericho ship of ranks 12-14, destroy 40 in team battles.


Proof of loyalty

  • Available 22 hours after completion. Available until the Trial of Jericho task is completed
  • Win in Operation “Crimson Haze” mission above level 15, earning more than 500 effectiveness points


Team trial — self-updated every 24 hours

  • Play 2 PVP-battles as part of a squad


One task from the list (updated every 24 hours) becomes available at random:

  • Trial of the efficient.
  • Earn 500 effectiveness points in 2 team battles
  • Trial of killers.
  • Deal 250,000 damage to ships in team battles.
  • Trial of the saviors.
  • Restore 300,000 pts. of hull durability to yourself or your allies.
  • Trial of the winners.
    • Win in 2 team battles.


One task from the list (updated every 24 hours) becomes available at random:

  • Trial of the leaders.
  • Finish 3 PvP-battles with efficiency score above 1000
  • Trial of the patient. 
  • Earn 2 “Resistant” medals in PVP-battles.
  • Trial of the invaders.
  • Earn 2 “Second beacon” medals in PvP-battles.
  • Trial of the samurai.
  • Earn 2 “It has begun!” medals in PvP-battles.
  • Trial of the ruthless.
  • Earn “Finish him!” medals in PvP-battles.


Trial of the strongest.

  • One-time mission
  • Earn the “Maniac” medal


Thus, each pilot will have the “Trial of Jericho” task available after completing the “initial selection” task. As long as it is available, each pilot will have available the tasks of the “Proof” series, the one-time task “Test of the strongest” and 2 quests of the “Trial” series, randomly selected from their group.

An important note for completing missions. Team battles are all modes where there is a team, except PvE missions, raids and Brawls. PVP battles are battles involving players in the opposite team, except for brawls.


Xenochips are added to the game for a limited time, and after the end of the event they will be withdrawn from the game and from the accounts of all pilots. Make sure to spend your xenochips before the end of the event!

Balance changes

Weapons, ammunition and missiles

Pirate Ion Emitter

  • Maximum resistance reduction reduced to 50 pts.


Boosted Charges.4, Lens system.4, Armor-piercing shells Mk.4

  • Ammo damage to destroyers increased to 30%.


“Dazzler” railgun

  • Module and missile reloading slows down by 2.5 times for 4 seconds


Crystal defence drone

  • Increased range of fire
  • Increased rate of fire



  • Damage reduced by 20%.


“Harpoon” Plasma Launcher

  • Spread reduced from 2.5° to 1.3°
  • Heating time increased to 10 sec.
  • Range of fire reduced to 3750 m
  • Projectile speed increased up to 4250 m/sec.
  • Rate of fire increased to 26 shots per second (one cannon)



  • Projectile flight speed increased by 20%
  • Energy receipt for a critical hit increased by 22 pts.
  • Critical hit power increased to 70%
  • Rate of fire increased by 2 rounds/min (Based on one weapon)



  • Base spread changed to 15 (Max.) - 4.5 (Min.) degrees
  • Now the time of the range increase is equal to the time of target acquiring


Shrapnel Cannon “Bearclaw”

  • Increased the chance of critical hit damage by 10.
  • Bonus from critical hits reduced by 10%

Active modules

Shelter shield

  • Increased the shield’s rotation speed
  • Upon activation, the acceleration bonus no longer decreases over time
  • Resistance reduction upon activation increased from -95 to -65
  • increased distance from the ship to the shield


Alien satellites

  • Recovery from the drone is not instantaneous, but takes 2 sec.


Scavenger drones

  • Improved description


“Twin” protocol

  • Improved description


Wormhole Stabilizer

  • Wormhole radius increased by 15%.


Special module of the “Emperor” destroyer “Landing platforms”

  • Drone maneuverability reduced by 19%



  • Shield restoration increased to 4000 pts.


Autonomous battle station

  • Increased the speed of delivery drones by 50%
  • Increased the drone control radius to 3500 m


Explosive restoration

  • Improved description


Wormhole projector

  • Speed increased to 1000 m/s
  • Damage increased by 100%


System hack

  • Cooldown reduced to 50 sec.


Landing platform

  • The guest ship receives 50 pts. of resistance.

Blaster turret

  • Time of the deceleration effect reduced to 3 sec.


Multiphase shield

  • The range of the effect for allies increased from 170 to 300 m.


Swarm Control

  • The module’s durability and the damage during its destruction were added to the description.
  • Changed the hull recovery time


Crystalline Suppressor

  • Activation radius increased from 150 to 190 m.


Destroyer Modules

  • Added the display of the destroyer modules’ recovery time.


Harpoon M1

  • Active time reduced to 12 seconds
  • Added an effect when a target, captured by the harpoon, passes a shield
  • Increased the minimum distance to which the “rope” of the harpoon is shortened


Internal network dampenet

  • Reload time changed to 25 sec.


Sensor DDoS

  • Cooldown reduced to 20 sec.


Plasma turret

  • Projectile speed increased to 3000 m/s


Waz’Got battle station

  • Added ship damage during the installation
  • The range of missile weapons increased to 6,000 m.


Protective sphere

  • Sphere strength increased to 12000 pts.
  • Activation damage is now 200 pts.


Emergency repair station

  • Added ship damage during the installation


“Patron” active defense

  • Damage dealt to the host is now 500 pts.
  • Added a 60-seconds bonus reapplication limit on the target


Active module “Active screen”

  • Increased reload time from 33 to 40 sec.


Active module “Hazardous veil 13”

  • Increased reload time from 33 to 40 sec.


Maneuver blocker

  • Active range increased to 1500 m.



  • Speed increased by 10%
  • Shield resistance increased by 10 pts.
  • Decreased the lateral displacement speed



  • Significantly increased collision damage


Implant 10-3

  • Bonus increased to 12%



  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions
  • The ship “Procyon” was added back to the ship tree

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with text formatting in the promotion window